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Birth name: Josephine Constantino.
Also known as: Yeng Constantino.
Born: December 4, 1988 Rodriguez, Rizal Philippines.

Yeng Constantino biography (bio):
Josephine "Yeng" Constantino is a popular reality TV winner of Pinoy Dream Academya Philippine edition of Endemol's Star Academya reality TV singing search in the Philippines.

Yeng Constantino is the youngest child of Susan Constantino and Joselito Constantino and was born in Rodriguez, Rizal.

Grand Star Dreamer:
As the "Grand Star Dreamer", Constantino received a brand-new Suzuki Swift, a condominium unit at G.A. Towers, a 60-inch SXRD Sony Bravia TV, a Touch music video unit, a Belgian Waffle dine-in franchise, a recording contract with Star Records, and 1 million pesos from Fitrum.

Constantino won the competition becoming the first "Grand Star Dreamer" of Pinoy Dream Academy, garnering a total of 697,648 votes (37.32%); followed by Jay-R Siaboc (first runner-up) with 612,767 votes (32.77%).

On February 28, 2008, her Much awaited sophomore Album title "Journey" has been launched on ASAP 08.
Yeng Constantino : yeng01
Yeng Constantino : yeng01
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Yeng Constantino : images
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