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Name: Inohara Yoshihiko
Nicknames: Inocchi / Yocchan
Profession: Singer and actor
Birthdate: 1976-May-17 in Tokyo, Japan
Height: 174cm
Weight: 65kg
Star sign: Taurus
Blood type: A

Yoshihiko Inohara Biograpghy:
Yoshihiko Inohara first apperacne was after launching the CD "Music for the People" as part of the wildly popular singing group, V6.
Yoshihiko Inohara has become a mainstay on television and radio and also draws a huge fan base that cuts across many age groups.
Yoshihiko Inohara also had some activities outside V6, Yoshihiko Inohara have TV apperances, movies and also released music albums.

Yoshihiko Inohara Filmography
- Heaven Can Wait. Maybe... Tengoku wa matte kureru (2007)
- Hold Up Down Hrudo appu daun (2005) .... Choji Kimata
- Pika**nchi Life Is Hard Dakara Happy (2004)
- Hard Luck Hero (2003) .... Naoto Ishii
- Pika*nchi Life Is Hard Dakedo Happy (2002)
Yoshihiko Inohara : InoharaYoshihiko
Yoshihiko Inohara : InoharaYoshihiko
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Yoshihiko Inohara : 171916
Yoshihiko Inohara : 171916
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Yoshihiko Inohara
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