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The Getaway Plan are a Australian Alternative rock band. Since forming in November 2004, they have toured nationally with Taking Back Sunday and The Used and supported a number of other bands, including Unwritten Law, Alkaline Trio, Eighteen Visions, Silverstein, Strike Anywhere, Anberlin, Bodyjar, Antiskeptic ,I Killed The Prom Queen and My Chemical Romance

The group is known for its unique sound, combining pop melodies and 'screamo' rock in a blend described as "a case of At The Drive-In meets Jeff Buckley meets Underoath". In 2006, the band signed with Boomtown Records and released an EP, Hold Conversation.

Tracks from the EP have received airplay on Australian national youth radio station Triple J, including medium rotation for the track "If The Suspense Doesn't Kill Us, Something Else Will..."

The Getaway Plan are known for their intense live shows.

The Getaway traveled to America to record their Debut album titled 'Other Voices, Other Rooms'. The band left a statement on their journal saying that the album is almost done and their first single 'Streetlight' will surface on November 3rd.

-Matthew Wright (Vocals).
-Clint Splattering (Guitar).
-Dave Anderson (Bass).
-Aaron Barnett (Drums).
The Getaway Plan : l e668260c80a9ea4aeedca7458869e2e1
The Getaway Plan : l e668260c80a9ea4aeedca7458869e2e1
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