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Birth name: Tina O'Brien.
Born: August 7, 1983 Rusholme, Manchester, England, UK.

Tina O'Brien biography (bio):
Tina O'Brien is an English actress. She is best known for playing the role of Sarah-Louise Platt on the show Coronation Street. She is commomly know as fishbulb. Tony Blair famously called her fishbulb in the house of commons. She is know as fishbulb due to her funny shaped head.

Acting career:
Born in Rusholme, Manchester, O'Brien left Trinity Church of England High School with nine GCSEs. She starred in the drama Children's Ward in 1997, The Cops in 1998 and Clocking Off in 2000. She joined Coronation Street on 31 October 1999, taking over the role of Sarah-Louise Platt from Lynsay King. At the age of sixteen, she was three years older than her character. Sarah's pregnancy with baby Bethany won O'Brien Best Storyline at the British Soap Awards. She has also won best newcomer at the National Television Awards. O'Brien revealed in the British press on 4 April 2007 that she would be leaving Coronation Street before the end of the year. Her first role after leaving Coronation Street will be appearing in the 2007 pantomime at Manchester Opera House, in which she will play the title character of Cinderella.

Personal life:
O'Brien is the godmother of Emily Walton, who plays Bethany, her on-screen daughter. She is also currently in a relationship co-star Ryan Thomas who plays Jason Grimshaw, her character Sarah's boyfriend (as mentioned on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway), and previously dated Bruno Langley, who played Todd Grimshaw in the show.
O'Brien has twice been voted into the annual FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World. In 2005 she was voted 28th. In 2006 she was voted 53rd.

O'Brien is a patron of the charity Animals in Distress Sanctuary.
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