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Born: April 27, 1971 Stockport, England, UK.
Spouse(s): Vernon Kay.
Children: Phoebe Elizabeth Kay.

Tess Daly biography (bio):
Helen Elizabeth Tess Daly or Tess Daly (sometimes known as Tess Kay) is a television presenter, and is married to the presenter Vernon Kay. She grew up in Birch Vale, near New Mills, Derbyshire.
In 1990 she appeared in two Duran Duran videos for the songs "Serious" and "Violence of Summer", both from the album Liberty. She also appeared in the 1992 video for 'The Beloved' titled 'Sweet Harmony' where she appeared to be naked.
After working as a model, her first break into television arrived in 1999 when she hosted the 'Find Me A Model' competition on Channel 4's The Big Breakfast. Since then she presented shows including Singled Out, Smash Hits TV, SMTV Live, Back To Reality, the first series of Make me a Supermodel along with Dave Berry and Strictly Come Dancing, which she has co-hosted with Bruce Forsyth in all five series so far.

Personal Life:
She married TV presenter/Radio DJ Vernon Kay in his home town of Horwich near Bolton on September 12, 2003. They have one child together, Phoebe Elizabeth (born on 17 October 2004). In January 2007 they co-presented the second series of Just the Two of Us on BBC One. They own a large estate in Fulmer, in the Buckinghamshire countryside. Tess recently opened Fulmer Day with Vernon. It is rumoured that Tess Daly will shortly be opening the new shopping centre in Derby city centre.
Tess Daly : Tess Daly-SPX-015233
Tess Daly : Tess Daly-SPX-015233
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Tess Daly : Tess Daly-SPX-015233
Tess Daly : Tess Daly-SPX-015233
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