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Born: 1929 Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Inez Andrews biography (bio):
Early years:
Her mother died when she was quite young, and she grew up under the influence of many of her relatives.

Musical career:
While living in Birmingham, she became a member of the Original Gospel Harmonettes.

The Caravans:
In the 1950s Andrews became a member of the gospel group The Caravans; she auditioned for them, and they sent for her in Chicago. She has resided there, and used Chicago as a base for her performing career, to this day.

Along with Albertina Walker, Shirley Caesar, Cassietta George, Josepine Howard, Eddie Williams, James Herndon, and Delores Washington, she became one of the major stars of gospel's golden age. The Caravans produced songs such as "Lord Keep Me Day By Day", "Remember Me," "I Won't Be Back," and several other hits in which Andrews was lead vocalist, including "Mary Don't You Weep," "I'm Not Tired Yet," "Make It In," "He Won't Deny Me," and "I'm Willing".

She has also released a reunion album with The Caravans, Albertina Walker, Norwood, and original soprano Delores Washington, entitled Paved the Way.

Solo career:
After a stellar career with the Caravans, she left the group in 1962 and had huge success with her crossover music crossover hit, "Lord Don't Move the Mountain". Andrews has recorded on many labels since the 1950s and has many albums and hit songs to her credit, some of which she composed herself.

Personal life:
She is a dedicated Christian and family person and raised seven children during her career in gospel music.

Honors and awards:
In 2002, she was inducted into the Gospel Hall of Fame.
Inez Andrews : Inez3
Inez Andrews : Inez3
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