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Born: July 15, 1979 nr. Echuca, Victoria, Australia
Measurements: 39" (99 cm)-32" (81 cm)-31" (78 cm).
Size: 40R
Height: 6' (183 cm).
Collar: 15.
Shoe size: 9.
Eye color: Blue-green.
Hair color: Dark blonde.
Ethnicity: Australian.

Travis Fimmel Biography (bio):
Fimmel grew up on a farm outside of Echuca, Victoria, Australia, as the youngest of three brothers. At the age of eighteen, Fimmel moved to Melbourne, Victoria to play football and study project management at RMIT University. However, his football career was cut short by a broken leg. He began modelling in 1998, when Fimmel was approached in a Melbourne gym by Matthew Anderson, a booker from Chadwick Model Management, with an offer to join the agency. Fimmel later rose to prominence as the star of Calvin Klein's "Crave" advertising campaign and playing the title role in The WB network's failed television series Tarzan. First male model to sign a six figure deal to represent Calvin Klein exclusively.
An avid barefooter, Fimmel claims to go barefoot almost exclusively. He made an infamous barefoot appearance on the The Sharon Osbourne Show and is often seen and photographed in bare feet, or at most, wearing flip flops.
Fimmel has also appeared in two music videos, for "I'm Real" by Jennifer Lopez and "Someone to Call My Lover" by Janet Jackson.
Fimmel is also an oil painter. However this talent has gone largely unnoticed in respect to his professional career.
Travis Fimmel in Tarzan episode 5
Travis Fimmel in Tarzan episode 5
By User: colonelrusty
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