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The Bumblebeez (formally known as Bumblebeez 81) is an Australian hip-hop/rock band of the mid-2000s. Their first album is titled The Printz, although this is simply a compilation for an international release, comprised of all the tracks from their first two Australian EPs The White Printz and The Red Printz (known to fans as the Printz saga).

The band was formed by Chris Colonna and his sister, Pia of Braidwood, New South Wales. Chris uses a cut-and-paste technique to combine hip-hop and rock tracks to which either he or his sister (who goes by the stage name 'Queen ViLa') provides vocals. His friend Jarrah Kidd plays guitar. Ex-members include Will B, Surya Bajracharya, Karuna Bajracharya, Anders Nielsen and Kahl Hopper.

The band were unearthed by National youth radio station Triple J in 2002. Around the same time, they won a competition run by the ABC's short-lived Fly TV, making them the first signing to the Fly Records label.

The spring of 2004 saw the band score a small hit in the United States with their song "Pony Ride" and opening for Radiohead in Melbourne and Sydney.

Previous members of Bumblebeez 81 have continued musical projects including performing as instrumental group the Sonar Radars. They have composed a live re-score to the DW Griffith epic Intolerance.

Prince Umberto and the Sister of Ill:
The Bumblebeez released an EP in November 2006 and featured the single "Black Dirt". The band is also touring with this new material in Spring 2007 in Australia. The band released their latest LP "Prince Umberto and the Sister of Ill" in September 2007, featuring the singles "Dr. Love" and "Rio".

-Chris Colonna.
-Pia Colonna.
-Jarrah Kidd.
Bumblebeez 81 : Bumblebeez 81 umvd001
Bumblebeez 81 : Bumblebeez 81 umvd001
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Bumblebeez 81 : Bumblebeez 81 umvd002
Bumblebeez 81 : Bumblebeez 81 umvd002
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