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Isyss was a Pop/R&B girl group that had huge success in 2002 with singles "Day + Night" featuring New York rapper Jadakiss and "Single for the Rest of My Life". The name "Isyss" stood for "Intelligent Sexy Young Soul Sisters". The group originally consisted of Letiecia Harrison, Ardena Clark, Lamyia Good (sister to Meagan Good) and Quierra Davis-Martin. Clark left the group and a new member named "Love" joined.
The group dissolved due to infighting.
Since 2002, Isyss' only album has sold about 300,000 units.
In 2006 the group appeared on Mark Morrison's album "Innoncent Man."
Isyss : Isyss-SGG-027756
Isyss : Isyss-SGG-027756
By User: vkspice
1 Votes, 4/5
Isyss : Isyss-SGG-027790
Isyss : Isyss-SGG-027790
By User: vkspice
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Isyss : Isyss-SGG-032723
Isyss : Isyss-SGG-032723
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