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Formed: 2003 in New York, NY, USA.

The Little Willies is a band formed in 2003 that features Norah Jones on piano and vocals, Richard Julian on vocals, Jim Campilongo on guitar, Lee Alexander on bass, and Dan Rieser on drums.
The group formed around a love of country classics. Between members' regular gigs, they first played at New York City's Living Room. The show led to a series of events, including a benefit concert for public radio station WFUV. The "loose-knit collective" found itself with a growing following. The Little Willies' self-titled debut album has added to their popularity.
Their album features covers of tracks by Hank Williams (I'll Never Get Out), Willie Nelson (Gotta Get Drunk and Nightlife), Fred Rose (Roly Poly), Townes Van Zandt (No Place to Fall) and Kris Kristofferson (Best of All Possible Worlds). Fusing cover material with a few of their own original compositions, the band delivers what a review by John Metzger describes as "an affable set that occasionally strikes pure gold."

The Little Willies Discography (Albums):
* The Little Willies (2006):
1. "Roly Poly" (Fred Rose)
2. "I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive" (Fred Rose, Hank Williams)
3. "Love Me" (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller)
4. "It's Not You It's Me" (Richard Julian, Ashley Moore)
5. "Best Of All Possible Worlds" (Kris Kristofferson)
6. "No Place To Fall" (Townes Van Zandt)
7. "Roll On" (Lee Alexander)
8. "I Gotta Get Drunk" (Willie Nelson)
9. "Streets Of Baltimore" (Tompall Glaser, Harland Howard)
10. "Easy As The Rain" (Richard Julian, Jim Campilongo)
11. "Tennessee Stud" (Jimmy Driftwood)
12. "Night Life" (Walter M. Freeland, Paul F. Buskirk, Willie Nelson)
13. "Lou Reed" (Lee Alexander, Richard Julian, Norah Jones)
The Little Willies : Little-Willies-sp02
The Little Willies : Little-Willies-sp02
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The Little Willies : Little-Willies-sp01
The Little Willies : Little-Willies-sp01
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The Little Willies : Little-Willies-sf01
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