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Birth name: Kellie Dawn Pickler.
Born: June 28, 1986 Albemarle, North Carolina, USA.

Kellie Dawn Pickler is an American country music singer who finished sixth on the fifth season of the Fox television series American Idol.
Despite being eliminated, Pickler signed a recording contract with the record company BNA Records, a country label owned by RCA Records and Sony BMG Music Entertainment in conjunction with Idol series creator Simon Fuller's 19 Recordings Limited. Her debut single, "Red High Heels" was released on September 25, 2006 and the debut album followed on October 31 of the same year.
20th Century Fox and 19 Television are currently developing a thirty-minute situation comedy starring Pickler as a nave small-town Southern woman who unravels the mystery that her biological father is the state's governor.
Kellie Pickler : Kellie-Pickler-bna04
Kellie Pickler : Kellie-Pickler-bna04
By User: redeyepics
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Kellie Pickler : Kellie-Pickler-bna03
Kellie Pickler : Kellie-Pickler-bna03
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Kellie Pickler : Kellie-Pickler-ai01
Kellie Pickler : Kellie-Pickler-ai01
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Kellie Pickler-I wonder single cover
Kellie Pickler-I wonder single cover
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