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Music ska and reggae Toots & The Maytals band pictures and photo gallery.
Years active:
-1966 to early 1980s.
-early 1990s to Present.

Toots and the Maytals, originally called simply The Maytals, are considered legends of ska and reggae music. Their sound is a unique, original combination of gospel, ska, soul, reggae and rock. Frederick "Toots" Hibbert, the leader of the group, was born in May Pen in the Parish of Clarendon, Jamaica. He was the youngest of seven children. He grew up singing gospel music in a church choir, but moved to Kingston in 1961 at the
tender age of sixteen.
Toots and The Maytals discography (albums):
-2004 True Love.
-2003 World Is Turning.
-1998 Live At Red Rocks.
-Paul Douglas.
-Carl Harvey.
-Frederick "Toots" Hibbert.
-Jackie Jackson.
-Michelle Eugene.
-Leba Thomas.
-Marie "Twiggi" Gitten.
-Norris Webb.
-Charles Farquarson.
-Radcliffe Dougie Bryan.
Toots The Maytals : Toots-Maytals-01
Toots   The Maytals : Toots-Maytals-01
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Toots The Maytals : p06617gox8d
Toots   The Maytals : p06617gox8d
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Toots The Maytals : Toots-Maytals-wm02
Toots   The Maytals : Toots-Maytals-wm02
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Maytals early
Maytals early
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Toots and The Maytals
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