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They have been in the music business for a long time, but have failed to get any recognition for the majority of those years. They had minor hits such as "Baila Conmigo" for the 2002 compilation album "Desafo" and "Me Pones Tensin" for the 9th installment of The Noise. These hits, along with others in the near future and increased radio play gave them more recognition. This gave them the chance to appear in major Reggaeton albums such as "Luny Tunes - Mas Flow" (2003), "Luny Tunes - Mas Flow 2" (2005), "Blin Blin Vol. 1" (2003-4), "Contra la Corriente" (2004), and "Cazadores, Primera Bsqueda" (2005) just to name a few. In May 2004, they released their first solo album,Motivando a la Yal.

Motivando a la Yal would surpass everyone's expectations. With hits such as "Doncella", "Bandida", and "Yo Voy" ft reggaeton superstar Daddy Yankee, the album easily reached gold certification. With the reggaeton genre now becoming a worldwide phenomenon, Zion and Lennox's popularity increased even more. "Motivando a la Yal: Special Edition" was released a year later. The Special Edition had new songs along with remixed songs of the previous edition, such as "Don't Stop", "Bachatalo", a remix to the song "Bandida", and a hip hop remix of "Yo Voy" with Miri Ben-Air, Fatman Scoop, and Pitbull entitled "Jump & Spread Out (Pricse, Monse, and Cheeky Start Version)", and many others.

Both Zion and Lennox are very active with solo songs. Zion has been more notable with songs like "Yo Voy a Llegar" for Reggaeton producer DJ Nelson's compilation album Flow la Discoteka, "Alocate" released in Luny Tunes's album "Mas Flow 2.5", and "Con Ella Me Quedare" released in the 5th installment of the Alex Gargolas series, entitled Gargolas: The Next Generation. He also has turned up a new hit "Que Pasara" for DJ Nelson Flow la Discoteka 2. Zion has released a solo album titled "The Perfect Melody", on June 5th, 2007 with appearances by Akon, Play-N-Skillz, among others. "The Way She Moves" is the lead single from the album featuring Akon. Lennox has been working on songs on his own album, but has also been very active in bringing new artist to his label "Toma Enterprise". The label is set to release an album named "Los Mero Meros". Gerardo Cruet is the co-writer of that label.

Zion y Lennox's music is much different than mainstream reggaeton. What truly distinguishes them from other artists is that they typically sing about love and relationships, similar to Rakim Y Ken-Y(in 70's R&B fashion) and refrain from the typical obscene sex, drugs and violence lyrics heard in a lot of other reggaeton and hip hop songs.

After three years of building their fan base and positive reputation with guest spots and compilation records, Zion & Lennox released their first full-length record, Motivando a la Yal. The record featured the work of renowned producers Luny Tunes, Noriega, Nely "el arma secreta", and Eliel, some of the most visible the style had to offer. Thanks to the record's success as it hit the charts with force, Zion & Lennox toured all over the Americas, performing before large and appreciative audiences. Soon industry demand and personal pressure caused Zion & Lennox to go in different directions. Boldly boasting to be one of the greatest singers ever to hail not only from Puerto Rico but all of Latin America, Ortiz started his own record label, Baby Records, for whom he is the flagship act and CEO. Lennox continues to make guest appearances and collaborate with important genre artists. Although new releases are expected from the popular duo in the future, they are no longer tied to one another. It came after a lengthy discussion in a New York hotel in which they parted amicably. They are set to release another album (possibly the last) as a duo speculated to be called "Eternity", and many more singles on compilation albums.

Personal Life:
Zion & Lennox grew up together in Carolina, Puerto Rico enjoying same music tastes, such as Hip-Hop, Dance Hall, and Rap.

-Zion Y Lennox.
Zion y Lennox : Lennox, Nick, J.B, Zion, Me
Zion y Lennox : Lennox, Nick, J.B, Zion,   Me
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