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Origin Belgium
Years active 2003present
Jonas Meukens
Niels Meukens
Philip Valkiers
Thomas Valkiers

Xink are a punk rock group from Belgium. The band consists of two pairs of brothers: Jonas & Niels Meukens and Thomas & Philip Valkiers. Jonas is songwriter, lead singer and guitarist, his brother Niels is the drummer. Thomas and Philip are both guitarists.

Xink took off after they won the Belgian national finals of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003 and placed 6th in the international final.

Xink represented Belgium at the first Junior Eurovision Song Contest in November 2003 with the song "De Vriendschapsband" (The Bond/Band Between/Of Friends).The song is about the origin of their band and their friendship.

Xink launched their second single, named "Oh-Ho" in the beginning of 2004. Later that year their first album, containing twelve songs was released.

In 2004, Xink released the song "Laat Me Vrij" (Let Me Free) which served as the theme song for the film Garfield in Flemish cinemas.

Their latest album Vergif (Poison) was released in 2005.

Xink Discography

Title Translation
X!NK X!NK 2004
Vergif Poison 2005
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Xink : xinkcovers
Xink : xinkcovers
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