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Birth name: Vesna Pisarovic.
Born: April 9, 1978 in Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia.

Vesna Pisarovic biography (bio):
Pisarovic was born in Brcko, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Yugoslavia and grew up in Pozega, Croatia, a part of the same country until she was 14. From her earliest childhood she attended a music school, where she played the flute, sang in choirs and participated in various music contests.

In the mid-1990s she moved to Zagreb, Croatia, where she continued her musical career. She began singing in clubs and writing songs. In 1997, while performing at the Croatian festival Zadarfest, she met Milana Vlaovic. Vlaovic started to write songs for Vesna.

In 2002 Vesna Pisarovic won the annual Dora festival, the event that determines Croatia's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Her song Everything I Want placed 11th in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002. Many traditional fans were disappointed that Pisarovic became the first ever Croatian based performer (including dozens down the generations representing Yugoslavia) to perform her entire song in English rather than the local language as the Southern Slavic states have been known to do, even in the 21st century. She wrote the song In the Disco which represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004.
VESNA PISAROVIC : img 1410 mn
VESNA PISAROVIC : img 1410 mn
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