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Birth name: Vanessa Joy Amorosi.
Born: August 8, 1981 Melbourne, Australia.

Vanessa Amorosi biography (bio):
She was born in Melbourne, Australia. Performing since the age of 12, Amorosi was discovered performing at a Russian restaurant by Jack Strom and signed to a recording contract in 1997. After being signed to MarJac Productions (co-owned by managers Mark Holden and Jack Strom), recording a promo CD (entitled "Get Here") and gaining a deal with Transistor Music Australia, her first single, titled "Have A Look", was a hit in Australia and narrowly missed reaching the Top 10 when it was released in 1999. Amorosi received critical praise from the Australian media for the power of her voice and the maturity of her lyrics.
A second single, titled "Absolutely Everybody", was an anthemic dance track that reached the Top 10, and with its positive lyrics, became an unofficial theme song for various cultural events. It remained in the Australian Top 20 Singles Chart for over six months after its release.
In 2000 two more singles "Shine" and "The Power" became major Australian hits, and her album The Power reached number one on the Australian album charts. Amorosi then performed at the NRL Grand Final. Her largest audience came in September 2000 with performances at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics and at the Paralympic Games. At the Opening Ceremony of the 2000 Summer Olympics she sang the Olympic song titled "Heroes Live Forever". Amorosi won the APRA Award in 2001 for "Most Played Song" on Australian Radio with "Shine" and received international acclaim in Germany where she won "Best International Newcomer" at the 2001 VIVA Comet Awards. In 2001 she performed at the AFL Grand Final.
"Absolutely Everybody" was released internationally and reached the Top 10 in the United Kingdom where it received a significant gay following, being played as the theme to many Gay pride events in 1999. It was also released throughout Europe and South East Asia shortly after her Olympics performances, but subsequent releases met with little success. For her service to music she was later awarded the Australian Centenary Medal by the Government of Australia.
Over the next few years, Amorosi maintained a low-profile presence in the music industry, recording and performing in Australia and throughout the world.
On 25 January 2006, it was revealed that Vanessa was now under the management of Ralph Carr, having completed her seven year management with MarJac Productions. She is quoted on the website as saying, "I have been with my previous management for seven years and thought both parties had gone as far as we could together... Moving over to Ralph Carr Management seemed like a natural progression, given the acts he has successfully managed. I am excited and enthused."
On November 22, 2006 it was announced that Amorosi had signed to Universal Music Australia.

Somewhere In The Real World:
Vanessa's new album "Somewhere In The Real World", released through Universal Music Australia, is expected for release 13th October 2007. Her new single "Kiss Your Mama!" was serviced to radio on 3rd August and released 8th September 2007
Vanessa Amorosi : Vanessa-Amorosi-ha03
Vanessa Amorosi : Vanessa-Amorosi-ha03
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Vanessa Amorosi : Vanessa-Amorosi-ha01
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Vanessa Amorosi : Vanessa-Amorosi-ha02
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