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Music singer, songwriter, and an actress Umm Kulthum (Arabic: أم كلثوم) pictures and photo gallery, albums covers pictures.
Born: May 4, 1904 Tamay-Az-Zahayra, Egypt.
Died: February 3, 1975 Cairo, Egypt.

Umm Kulthum (Arabic: أم كلثوم; Umm Kultum, also spelled Om Kalthoum, Oum Kalsoum, Oum Kalthum, Omm Kolsoum, Umm Kolthoum, Um Kalthoom) was an Egyptian singer, songwriter, and an actress. More than three decades after her death, she is still recognized as "the Arab world's most famous and distinguished singer of the 20th Century."

Umm Kulthum was born in Tamay ez-Zahayra village in El Senbellawein, Dakahlia Governorate, Egypt. Following much research, the Egyptian Ministry of Information places her actual date of birth as December 31, 1904. At a young age, she showed exceptional singing talents. At the age of 16 Umm Kulthum was noticed by Abol Ela Mohamed, a modestly famous singer, and by the famous oudist Zakariyya Ahmad who asked her to accompany them to Cairo. However, she waited until 1923 before accepting the invitation.

In Cairo, she carefully avoided succumbing to the attractions of the bohemian lifestyle, and indeed throughout her life stressed her pride in her humble origins and espousal of conservative values. Umm Kulthum also maintained a tightly managed public image, which undoubtedly added to her allure.

At this point in her career, she was introduced to the famous poet Ahmad Rami, who wrote 137 songs for her. Furthermore, she was introduced to the renowned lute virtuoso and composer Mohamed El Qasabgi. El Qasabgi introduced Umm Kulthum to the Arabic Theatre Palace, where she would experience her first real public success.

By 1948 her fame had come to the attention of Gamal Abdel Nasser, who would later become the president of Egypt. Nasser did not hide his admiration for her. When he discovered that Umm Kulthum was no longer allowed to sing, he reportedly said something to the effect of "What are they? Crazy? Do you want Egypt to turn against us?" It was his favor that made the musicians guild accept her back into the fold.

Her songs deal mostly with the universal themes of love, longing and loss. They are nothing short of epic in scale, with durations measured in hours rather than minutes.

In parallel to her singing career, Umm Kulthum at one point pursued an acting career starring in six films; however, she quickly gave it up because of the lack of personal and emotional contact with the audience.

In 1967, Umm Kulthum was diagnosed with a severe case of nephritis. She gave her last concert at the Palace of the Nile in 1973. Tests at that time indicated that her illness was incurable. Umm Kulthum moved to the United States, where she benefited for some time from the advanced medical technology, but in 1975, upon re-entering her home country, she required hospitalization due to declining health. Umm Kulthum died in a Cairo hospital on February 3, 1975.

Her funeral was attended by over 4 million mourners � one of the largest gatherings in history � and descended into pandemonium when the crowd seized control of her coffin and carried it to a mosque that they considered her favorite, before later releasing it for burial.

Umm Kulthum Selected discography:
- Amal Hayati : Sono ("Hope of My Life")
- Enta Omri : Sono ("You Are My Life")
- Fat el Mead : ("It Is Too Late") Sono Cairo
- Hagartek : ("I Abandoned You") EMI
- Retrospective : Artists Arabes Associes
- The Classics : CD, EMI Arabia, 2001
- La Diva : CD, EMI Arabia, 1998
- La Diva II : CD, EMI Arabia, 1998
- La Diva III : CD, EMI Arabia, 1998
- La Diva IV : CD, EMI Arabia, 1998
- La Diva V : CD, EMI Arabia, 1998
- Alif Leila wa Leila ("One Thousand and One Nights")
- Sirat el Houb ("Tale of Love")
- Arouh li Meen ("Whom Should I Go To")
- Raq il Habeeb ("My Beloved Tendered Back")
- Lessa Faker ("You Still Remember")
- Hathehe Laylati ("This is My Night")
- Al Atlal ("The Ruins")
- Betfaker fi Meen ("Who Are You Thinking Of?")
- Hayarti Qalbi Ma'ak ("You Confused My Heart")
- El Hobb Kolloh ("All The Love")
- Ental Hobb ("You Are The Love")
- Leilet Hobb ("Night of Love")
- Othkorene ("Remember Me")
- Yali Kan Yashqiq Anini
- Es'al Rouhak ("Ask yourself", or "Ask Your Soul")
- Enta Fein Well Hobbi Fein ("Where are You and Where Is My Love?")
- Dhikrayatun (Qessat Hobbi)
- Darel el Ayam ("Time Turned Back")
- Lel Sabr Hedod ("Patience Has Limits")
- Baeed Anak ("Away From You")
- Hadeeth el Rouh ("The Talk of The Soul")
- Gharibun Ala Bab el Raga
- Fakarouni ("They Reminded Me")
- Zalamna El Hob ("We Have Unjustified Love")
- Ya Zalemny
- We Maret El-Ayam ("And The Days Past By")
- Hobb Eih ("Which Love")
- Rubaiyat Al-Khayyam ("Quatrines of Omar Khayy'm")
Umm Kulthum
Umm Kulthum
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Umm Kulthum 1
Umm Kulthum 1
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Umm Kulthum meeting with her band
Umm Kulthum meeting with her band
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