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Swedish television presenter Ulrika Jonsson pictures (pic) and photo gallery.
Birth name: Eva Ulrika Jonsson.
Born: August 16, 1967 Stockholm, Sweden.

Ulrika Jonsson biography (bio):
Eva Ulrika Jonsson is a Swedish television presenter whose most famous work has been on British television. Ulrika Jonsson is the granddaughter of famous Swedish opera singer Folke Jonsson and speaks fluent Swedish, English, French, and German.
Ulrika Jonsson was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Ulrika's parents divorced in 1975, when she was eight years old. After the divorce Ulrika Jonsson lived with her father for the remainder of her childhood. Jonsson moved to England in 1979 at the age of 12 and attended Burnham Grammar School in Buckinghamshire. Ulrika Jonsson then attended St Aldate's Secretarial college in Oxford.

After working as a secretary, Ulrika Jonsson began her TV career on TV-am in 1989 where she worked as a weather forecaster. From 12 September 1989, she was also the weather forecaster for Swedish TV3, broadcasting from London. In 1992 Ulrika Jonsson moved into mainstream presenting and played host to numerous shows including Gladiators, the Big Breakfast, The National Lottery. Ulrika Jonsson also modeled for Playtex Lingerie during this period. Ulrika Jonsson was a team captain on the surreal BBC TV quiz show Shooting Stars, where Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer coined for her the name Ulrikakakaka.
In 1990 she married TV cameraman Johnny Turnbull, but a few years later had an affair with Phil Piotrowsky, the Gladiators cameraman. Ulrika Jonsson got back together with Turnbull, and they had a son, Cameron; however they divorced in 1995. She went on to have an affair with Gladiator Hunter (James Crossley).
Ulrika Jonsson spent many days on tabloid front pages in 1998, after it was revealed she was the victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her then boyfriend, footballer Stan Collymore. Jonsson later took out an injunction preventing Collymore from releasing a sex tape involving the two, apparently made while they were on holiday in Cyprus - the video was later destroyed by Collymore.
In 1999 Ulrika Jonsson had a relationship with Markus Kempen. Ulrika Jonsson presented Dog Eat Dog (reality game show) from 2001 - 2003, on BBC1.
After the media attention, Ulrika Jonsson decided to return to Sweden. The Swedish television network, TV3 knew she was in the country, and offered her the role as the hostess the Miss Sweden beauty pageant. She declined the invitation.
On 20 January 2007 Ulrika Jonsson joined 10 other celebrities to take part in the ITV reality TV show Dancing On Ice, where she was partnered with Pavel Aubrecht.
Her latest project was the confessional TV show, Ulrika: Am I A Sex Addict?, broadcast on Channel 4 on 20 March, 2007. The show charted Ulrika Jonsson's personal journey to uncover the truth about sex addiction. Ulrika Jonsson has recently appeared on BBC 1's Would I Lie To You? (2007).

Ulrika Jonsson wrote in her autobiography that an unnamed television presenter had sexually assaulted her earlier in her television career. Matthew Wright named (apparently accidentally) John Leslie as the alleged perpetrator on his television show The Wright Stuff, which was apparently an open secret in the UK entertainment industry.

Mr Right:
In 2002, Jonsson presented the Reality Television show, Mr Right, where an eligible bachelor (Lance Gerrard-Wright) is faced with choosing a girlfriend from a group of beautiful, intelligent women. However, the show ended in farce, when the eventual winner turned Lance down for being insincere. In an even more bizarre twist, Jonsson married Lance Gerrard-Wright on 9 August 2003. Jonsson split from Lance Gerrard-Wright in October 2005. She confirmed they were going through a divorce during the live taping of the 26 May 2006 edition of 8 Out of 10 Cats.
Funny Faces : Ulrika Jonsson
Funny Faces : Ulrika Jonsson
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TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson  black bikini pictures
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