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Syntax biography (bio):
Syntax is an English electronic music group originally formed by Mike Tournier and Jan Burton in 2002.

After the success of Fluke's album Risotto, Mike Tournier wanted to move to a much darker production style and so Syntax was born.

Despite the originality of Syntax's first album, Meccano Mind, the band suffered poor album sales- possibly due to a lack of support from their label- and a lack of overall recognition and disbanded in 2004 due to it.

Syntax track 'Destiny' from the Meccano Mind album was one of the tracks featured on the Driver 3 soundtrack.

Meccano Mind:
Meccano Mind is a combination of Jan Burton, and Mike Tournier's different influences from rock and dance music, resulting in the production of powerful tracks such as Bliss, which have dark deep basslines along with guitar riffs and other electronic effects, as well as more gentle tracks such as Message.

The Japanese market release of Meccano Mind includes three additional tracks compared to the UK and US releases, entitled Sexograph, Woman, and Love Songs.

-Mike Tournier.
-Jan Burton.
Syntax band : meccano
Syntax  band  : meccano
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