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Birth name: Sunshine Anderson.
Born: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States.

Sunshine Anderson biography (bio):
Sunshine Anderson was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but later moved to Charlotte as a child. Wallace Sellars, a friend of a producer/Soulife A&R Vice President, Mike City, heard Anderson singing on her way to the cafeteria of North Carolina Central University (her college, where she earned a B.S. in criminal justice) and introduced the two. From there, Anderson was managed by Macy Gray during the recording of her first album.

In 2001, Anderson released her first album on Atlantic Records. Her debut album, Your Woman, was certified gold. "Heard It All Before", the lead single, was a top 20 hit and a #3 hit on the R&B charts. However, the follow-up, "Lunch or Dinner", did not do as well, and in 2003, Sunshine left Atlantic Records and started searching for a new record label. In late 2005, Anderson signed to Matthew Knowles' new record label Music World Entertainment, created her own label, Shining Star, and released her second album, "Sunshine at Midnight", on January 23, 2007. The singles from this album did not do as well, however, and "Heard It All Before" remains her only charting hit on the US Hot 100, making Anderson a one-hit wonder. She also completed a tour with fellow R&B singer Brian McKnight in 2007.

Personal Life:
Anderson became pregnant in February 2007 and got married in July of the same year. She confirmed that she would have to slow down on her career soon as her child is due on November 14, although she intends to go back into the studio soon.
Sunshine Anderson : Sunshine-Anderson-u01
Sunshine Anderson : Sunshine-Anderson-u01
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Sunshine Anderson : Sunshine-Anderson-u02
Sunshine Anderson : Sunshine-Anderson-u02
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