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Birth name: Shanna Lynn Moakler.
Other names: Shanna Barker / Shana Moakler.
Born: March 28, 1975 in Providence, Rhode Island.
Measurements: 34" - 28" - 38".
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m).
Weight: 125 lb.
-Travis Landon Barker (October 30, 2004 - present).
-Atiana Cecilia de la Hoya.
-Landon Asher Barker.
-Alabama Luella Barker.

Shanna Moakler biography (bio):
Shanna Lynn Moakler is an American model, actress and reality television star. She is best known for being crowned Miss USA in 1995 and for her appearances on the television series Pacific Blue and Meet the Barkers.

Early life:
Shanna Moakler, who is of Portuguese and Irish descent, was born to John W. Moakler III, a dentist, and Gail Moakler in Providence, Rhode Island. She has two older brothers, Kirk and John W. IV, and an older sister. As a child, Moakler enjoyed weekend visits to her grandfather's farm, where she could "play outdoors and be a tomboy." Moakler was a competitive roller skater for twelve years (participating in roller skating competitions analogous to ice skating competitions). She attended Barrington High School, where she claims to have been "the biggest dork." According to Moakler, she was "4-foot-11 and 75 pounds" until she finally hit puberty at age seventeen. By the time she graduated, however, Moakler had dated the captain of the football team and was voted "best dressed." She moved to Miami after high school to pursue a modeling career. Moakler later moved to New York City and then to Los Angeles.


Shanna Moakler, at the age of 17, represented Rhode Island in the Miss Teen USA pageant in 1992. She placed third in the preliminaries, sixth in the interview segment, and fifth in the swimsuit competition (scoring 9.115, 9.279 and 9.087 respectively). Moakler made it to the semi-finals and finished seventh overall.
In 1995, Moakler was named Miss New York USA and represented New York in the Miss USA pageant, held that year in South Padre Island, Texas. Moakler finished second (to Miss Texas USA) in the preliminaries and in each of the interview and swimsuit divisions, with scores of 9.06, 9.62 and 9.61 respectively, and first in the evening gown competition, with a score of 9.86. Overall, Moakler was the first runner-up in the Miss USA Pageant. In May of 1995, at the age of 20, Moakler received the 1995 Miss USA crown when the winner, Chelsi Smith, became Miss Universe.
Moakler enjoyed some aspects of her reign as Miss USA, such as celebrity pool tournaments. However, she has complained that the experience required her to "sign autographs at places like Bobs Home Furnishing Rentals." She was also forced to live with a pageant chaperone, who made sure she dressed and acted appropriately.

Moakler began modelling at the age of fifteen. She has appeared in various publications, including Cosmopolitan and Brentwood magazines.
In December 2001, Moakler was named Playmate of the Month by Playboy magazine. She has admitted that posing nude was "a little scary at first." Moakler's Playboy fact sheet listed her measurements as: 34" bust (C), 24" waist, 34" hips, 5 feet 8 inches tall and 117 pounds.
Moakler appeared in a campaign for Cutty Sark that was photographed by David LaChapelle.

Moakler started her television career in 1996 with appearances on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Due South. Moakler then played "Lisa" in Friends 'Til the End, a 1997 NBC movie of the week starring Shannen Doherty. In 1998 she appeared on an episode of Timecop in the role of Allison Kendall.
Beginning in 1998, Moakler was a regular on the television drama Pacific Blue. The USA Network series featured a team of police officers who patrolled the beaches of Santa Monica, California, California on bicycle. In seasons four and five Moakler played Officer Monica Harper, described as the trouble-maker rookie. Moakler has admitted that, even equipped with a $5,000 Trek bike, she was somewhat accident-prone on the set, saying that when the cast had to "ride really close together for the camera" they would often "crash into each other like idiots and end up in a big ball of arms and legs."
Moakler was a celebrity contestant on Search Party, a game show on the E! network. The show filmed at exotic beach resort locations and required contestants to team up for competitions such as athletic events and scavenger hunts. Moakler appeared on three episodes in 1999 to 2000.
In 2003, Moakler appeared on Punk'd to help Ashton Kutcher and his crew set up her then-boyfriend, Travis Barker. They "punk'd" Barker by having a waiter flirt excessively with Moakler when she was on a date with Barker at a restaurant. The episode originally aired on November 30, 2003.
In 2005, Moakler had guest appearances as "Mariska" on Joey (starring Matt LeBlanc) and as "Josie" on Jake in Progress (starring John Stamos).
Moakler and Barker starred in Meet the Barkers, a reality series on MTV that premiered April 6, 2005. The series followed the couple throughout their daily activities. It covered the couple's wedding and their life as a family. The show continued for two seasons through February of 2006.
Moakler, along with husband Barker, appeared in an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation entitled "Poppin' Tags", which originally aired on April 13, 200 She played a character named "J-Lady," while Barker played a rapper involved in conflict with a rival rap artist. Method Man also guest starred on the episode.
Moakler appeared on the third season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars, which premiered on September 12, 2006. She was eliminated in week two.
Moakler appeared on HBO's Entourage.

In 1997, Moakler played "Jaime" in Poison Ivy: The New Seduction. The next year, Moakler appeared in the role of "Cheryl Tangeray" in Telling You.
Moakler played an air-flight hostess during the final scene of the 1998 movie The Wedding Singer, where her character describes the vulgar way that character Glenn Gulia described her ("grade A top choice meat").
In 1999, Moakler appeared as "Tawny" in Love Stinks. She also had roles in Critical Mass in 2000 and Pauly Shore Is Dead in 2003.
She played "Kasey" in Seeing Other People in 2004 and "Petra" in Big Momma's House 2 in 2006.

Moakler was in an all-female music group called DVS (pronounced "devious"). She described the sound of DVS as "Destiny's Child-style R&B music."


Billy Idol:
Moakler had a relationship with rock star Billy Idol in 1997. The couple appeared together in a scene of The Wedding Singer. Moakler has described Idol as a gentleman, but "not too sweet and sensitive." She also praised his intelligence and flair for history and philosophy. Moakler has disclosed that Idol was "horrible in bed," although he was "a good kisser."

Oscar de la Hoya:
Moakler started dating boxer Oscar de la Hoya in October 1997 and they moved in together in early 1998. Moakler and de la Hoya became engaged prior to the 1999 birth of their daughter, Atiana Cecilia de la Hoya (born March 29, 1999). Moakler has said "it wasnt a planned pregnancy, but it was understood if it happened it was beautiful and if it didnt that was fine too." In September of 2000, the relationship abruptly ended when Moakler, who was at home watching the Latin Grammy Awards on television, saw de la Hoya escorting another woman to the show. In December of 2000, Moakler filed a $62.5 million palimony suit against her ex-fianc, claiming he was an alcoholic, abusive to her and to their daughter, and that he used them "as props to promote his public image." The case was settled out of court in 2001 for an undisclosed amount. After the time of de la Hoya's split from Moakler, he had little contact with his daughter, although he continued to provide financial support.

Dennis Quaid:
Moakler began dating actor Dennis Quaid in 2001. They were together when she was approached by Playboy and they discussed it before she posed nude in the magazine. The relationship lasted for eight months.

Marriage to Travis Barker:
Travis Barker, drummer for the band (+44), and formerly of blink-182 and The Transplants, proposed to Moakler in the elevator entrance to the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland. Barker paid off one of the ride operators so that the couple could have the space to themselves for a few minutes and then got down on one knee and proposed. Moakler said "yes," but she later surprised Barker with her own down-on-one-knee proposal and engagement ring for him.
On October 30, 2004, Moakler married Barker. Moakler and Barker have two children together - son Landon, (born October 9, 2003) and daughter Alabama (born December 24, 2005).

Barker filed for divorce from Moakler on August 8, 2006. Moakler "officially" commented on her MySpace page, that she was devastated by the demise of her marriage.
Less than a week after filing for divorce, Barker posted negative comments about his estranged wife on his MySpace page. Barker later explained that he was "still absolutely in love" with Moakler, but that he posted the blog about her after "hearing things in the press that Shanna was saying."
Both Moakler and Barker quickly removed the blogs from their pages and remained relatively quiet as to their divorce until reports circulated that Barker was seeing Paris Hilton. Tensions between Hilton and Moakler led to a confrontation at a Los Angeles nightclub (Hyde Lounge) in early October. Hilton and Moakler each accused the other of battery in separate complaints filed with the Los Angeles Police Department. Hilton claimed Moakler had punched her in the jaw and shouted at her, while Moakler said that Stavros Niarchos (Hilton's ex-boyfriend) bent her wrists, poured a drink on her and shoved her down stairs. Ultimately, no charges came out of the altercation.
In November 2006, Shanna threw herself a "divorce party" in Las Vegas, complete with a divorce cake (see photo) featuring a bloody groom and a blonde, knife-wielding bride. In response, Barker again posted a blog on his MySpace page, this time criticizing Moakler for throwing the party.

Despite Moakler and Barker's pending divorce, by early December 2006 they were seen out and about with their children and having romantic dinners together.[39] Reports surfaced in January 2007 that they were "quietly trying to give it another go," after the couple spent a day together (and were seen holding hands) at Disneyland. Moakler, on her MySpace page, denied the rumors of a reconciliation and explained that she and Barker were "working on being good friends and even better parents."
Moakler and Barker spent Valentine's Day together in Las Vegas, where Barker surprised Moakler with three dozen red roses and bottle of Dom Perignon. Photos of Moakler with Barker prompted speculation that the couple was expecting another child. In late February Moakler again denied that she and her husband were back together, despite evidence to the contrary, telling a reporter: "I am single, . . . Travis and I are not together, . . . and I'm not pregnant, either."
In March 2007, Moakler revealed that she is still "madly in love" with her husband and that they have reunited. This admission came after the couple was publicly affectionate at a surprise birthday Barker threw for his wife in Miami. In April 2007, Barker told People that they were back together, they have pulled out of the separation and that they are doing what is best for themselves and their children, which making their children happy is the best thing of all. The couple showed up at a party, holding hands, kissing and wearing their wedding rings.
On July 23, 2007, after months of reconciliation, Moakler revealed that her relationship with Barker is over.
On August 2, 2007, Moakler and Barker made an appearance at the Rockstar Energy Drink X Games Kickoff at new club Opera in Hollywood. Moakler and Barker were also seen at MTV's 2007 VMA's (Video Music Awards) together on September 9th.
Shanna Moakler arrives at the Bravo's 2nd Annual A-List Awards on on the April 5th, 2009
Shanna Moakler arrives at the Bravo's 2nd Annual A-List Awards on on the April 5th, 2009
By User: colonelrusty
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Shanna Moakler arrives at the Bravo's 2nd Annual A-List Awards on on the April 5th, 2009
Shanna Moakler arrives at the Bravo's 2nd Annual A-List Awards on on the April 5th, 2009
By User: colonelrusty
1 Votes, 4/5
Shanna Moakler arrives at the Bravo's 2nd Annual A-List Awards on on the April 5th, 2009
Shanna Moakler arrives at the Bravo's 2nd Annual A-List Awards on on the April 5th, 2009
By User: zaina
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Shanna Moakler : travis-barker-plays-doctor 400x401
Shanna Moakler : travis-barker-plays-doctor 400x401
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Shanna Moakler : death-to-travis-barker 295x286
Shanna Moakler : death-to-travis-barker 295x286
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Shanna Moakler : drink-smirnoff-ice 296x289
Shanna Moakler : drink-smirnoff-ice 296x289
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Travis Barker : travis-shanna 293x286
Travis Barker : travis-shanna 293x286
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Travis Barker : shanna-moakler-and-travis-barker 397x296
Travis Barker : shanna-moakler-and-travis-barker 397x296
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Shanna Moakler arrives at the Bravo's 2nd Annual A-List Awards on on the April 5th, 2009
Shanna Moakler arrives at the Bravo's 2nd Annual A-List Awards on on the April 5th, 2009
By User: colonelrusty
2 Votes, 4/5
Shanna Moakler arrives at the Bravo's 2nd Annual A-List Awards on on the April 5th, 2009
Shanna Moakler arrives at the Bravo's 2nd Annual A-List Awards on on the April 5th, 2009
By User: zaina
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