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Scissors For Lefty are an indie rock band, based in San Francisco. They released their debut album, Bruno, in 2005 by Rough Trade Records, UK.

Three of the band's members, Bryan Garza, Peter Krimmel and James Krimmel, met in San Luis Obispo while attending college, and later moved to San Francisco, where they currently reside. Bryan's uncle Robby joined the band in 2002.

The band consists of two sets of families- Bryan and Robby Garza, with Peter and James Krimmel. An additional Garza family member, Steven, joined the band in late 2006 on bass guitar to allow Robby to play guitar more often during shows.

Scissors for Lefty has released two albums- their 2005 debut, Bruno, self-produced and released by the band, and 2007's Underhanded Romance, was released in stores Eenie Meenie Records on June 12. The album was released on the iTunes Store on on May 29.

Local radio station Live 105 recently chose the band to play on the main stage of their BFD 2007 festival, along with Bloc Party, Social Distortion, Queens of the Stone Age, Interpol, and The Kaiser Chiefs. Each year, Live 105 chooses a local band they think has a good chance to be successful and gives them a chance to play to a much bigger audience (last year it was Every Move A Picture). BFD was held at the Shoreline Amphitheater on June 9th.

-Bryan Garza (Lead Vocals, Guitar).
-Peter Krimmel (Keyboards, Guitar).
-James Krimmel (Drums).
-Robby Garza(Bass Guitar, Guitar).
-Steven Garza (Bass).
Scissors For Lefty : scissors for lefty koko 26 05 06 9
Scissors For Lefty : scissors for lefty koko 26 05 06  9
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Scissors For Lefty : scissors for lefty koko 26 05 06 4
Scissors For Lefty : scissors for lefty koko 26 05 06  4
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