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Formed: 2000 in Orange County, California, USA.

Scars Of Tomorrow is a Metalcore band out of Orange County, Califonia. They have released 5 albums. They are currently signed to Victory Records.
Scars of Tomorrow started in 2000 with five determined people ready to make an impact on the social music scene. Growing up alongside Orange County heavy-hitters Throwdown, Bleeding Through, Atreyu, and Eighteen Visions, Scars of Tomorrow have always strived to stand along their peers and help give Orange County a bigger name in music then it's already gained in the last six years.
Scars of Tomorrow quickly started playing shows and spreading the name across California with releasing its earlier material on Thorp Records. After 3 years of constant touring and hard work, Victory Records signed the band in May of 2003 and started an explosion for the band. Since the signing to Victory, scars of tomorrow released a jaw dropping record called Rope Tied to the Trigger" which featured the song "Suffocating Words" and had constant rotation on the MTV2 program Headbangers Ball. The band quickly got praise from every media outlet and Scars of Tomorrow started touring with metalcore giants Atreyu, Norma jean, Unearth, Bleeding Through, Terror, Bury Your Dead, Himsa, and countless other bands making Scars of Tomorrow a popular name amongst the growing underground scene.
Late 2005, Scars also released "The Horror of Realization" which gave even more growing confidence on the longevity of the band and how it plans on making a stamp on the music scene. With the dropping of "the horror of realization" scars of tomorrow also gained praise across the globe with a full European/UK tour in February and March of 2006.
After 2 headlining tours Scars of Tomorrow now is focusing on their next album which is to be called The Failure in Drowning." This album will be a completely new step for the band, bringing out emotions and sounds that they have never recorded before. Drawing from the raw brutality of its earlier material and the intensity of exposing raw emotions, Scars of Tomorrow plan on making "The Failure in Drowning" the next evolution in metal.

Scars of Tomorrow Discography (albums):
-2006 Failure in Drowning.
-2006 Beginning Of.
-2005 Horror of Realization.
-2004 Rope Tied to the Trigger.
-2003 Design Your Fate.
-2003 All Things Change.

-Carlos Garcia.
-Mike Boccuzzi.
-Chris Warner.
-Ryan Severino.
-Justin Salinas.
Scars of Tomorrow : Scars-Tomorrow-vr02
Scars of Tomorrow : Scars-Tomorrow-vr02
By User: sotrah
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Scars of Tomorrow : ScarsofTomorrow001
Scars of Tomorrow : ScarsofTomorrow001
By User: sotrah
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