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Birth name: Sherylle Ann Alonzo Yutadco.
Born: August 6, 1983 in San Juan, Metro Manila.

Say Alonzo biography (bio):
Say Alonzo was the last evicted housemate of the season. She is well known for the song "Magmahal Muli" she made with fellow housemate Sam Milby. She was also the kikay/sosy housemate in Pinoy Big Brother Season 1. She is of Chinese and Mestiza descent.

Say finished elementary school in SHS Sacred Heart School Paranaque, then went to the United States to continue her studies and stay with her grandmother. She went back to the Philippines to study college. A former cheerleader, she graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in Manila. After she graduated she was one of ABS-CBN's student courtside reporters for NCAA in which De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde is part of. She formerly worked in a call center and briefly hosted Stoplight, Studio 23's auto show.

Say began dating fellow housemate JB during the show. After the show ended, Say broke up with JB, stating that she cannot last in a relationship without trusting each other since JB is now linked with ABS-CBN talent Angelica Panganiban.

Say has done hosting jobs for ABS-CBN's top morning show Magandang Umaga, Pilipinas as the segment host of the showbiz news. She's also co hosted Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Buzz along with co-housemate and bestfriend Uma Khouny.

Say was involved in the ABS-CBN show Super Inggo as the white lady and Studio 23's Wazzup Wazzup!, a news comedy show on ABS-CBN's sister network. Say finished two movies under Regal Films. One with GMA 7's Katrina Halili and Alfred Vargas entitled Gigil which is a sexy romantic comedy and another movie Zsazsa Zaturnnah Zee Moveeh which was shown on the Metro Manila Film Festival. Say's third movie with Regal Films is My Kuya's Wedding where she plays the childhood friend of Ryan Agoncillo's character.
Say Alonzo : SEY01062007001855
Say Alonzo : SEY01062007001855
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