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The Royal Crown Revue is a band formed in 1989 in Los Angeles, California. They play modern swing music and are credited with starting the Swing Revival movement. The band was founded by the Eddie Nichols, Mando Dorame and the Stern Brothers, Mark, Adam and Jamie, from the remains of their earlier punk band Youth Brigade. After repeatedly leaving RCR to tour with Youth Brigade, the Sterns were told to leave the band in the mid-90s and it is now headed by singer Eddie Nichols, tenor saxophonist/arranger/writer Mando Dorame, Trumpeter Scott Steen, and Drummer Daniel Glass. The band continues to tour Australia, Europe, and the US with great success.
Tha band began playing regularly at The Derby, a swing club in LA in 1993.
The RCR Horn section backed Bette Midler on her 2004 U.S. tour.
RCR made numerous film, television, radio and print appearances, including The Mask, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Viva Variety, The Today Show and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In 1998 the group appeared at the Playboy Jazz Festival, recorded and performed live with Bette Midler at the Billboard Music Awards and composed the original theme for the WB Network's 1999 television season.

Royal Crown Revue Discography (albums):
* Kings of Ganster Bop (BYO Records 1991).
* Mugzy's Move (Warner Bros. Records 1996). Re-released in 1998 adding "Barflies At The Beach".
* Caught In The Act (Live) (Surfdog Records 1997).
* The Contender (Warner Bros. Records 1998).
* Walk On Fire (RCR Records 1999).
* Passport To Australia (Live) (RCR Records 2000).
* Greetings From Hollywood (2004).
* El Toro (2007).

* Eddie Nichols - Vocals.
* Mando Dorame - Tenor sax.
* Jim Jedeikin - Baritone/alto sax.
* Scott Steen - Trumpet.
* Mark Cally - Guitar.
* Dave Miller - Bass.
* Daniel Glass - Drums.
Royal Crown Revue : p41467w60jy
Royal Crown Revue : p41467w60jy
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Royal Crown Revue : p21050qfvq1
Royal Crown Revue : p21050qfvq1
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Royal Crown Revue : p15554v9728
Royal Crown Revue : p15554v9728
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Royal Crown Revue : p17457j6tl4
Royal Crown Revue : p17457j6tl4
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