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September 4, 2008: "Ronnie Woods Leaves Rehab, Stays In New London Apartment With Young Lover"

Ronnie Wood has left rehab and is staying with his young Russian lover. The 61-year-old Rolling Stone has splashed out a new North London pad and bought a giant new bed for him and Ekaterina Ivanova, 20.

Despite Ronnie's reunion with Ekaterina, the rocker's wife of 23 years, Jo, is still adamant they will be able to repair their marriage.

A source said: "Jo and Ronnie have been talking a lot, but he can't quite quit Ekaterina. The fact he was prepared to meet her in secret is proof of that."

"She knows he is still seeing Ekaterina but believes this proves he still needs help and that this is part of his illness, as well as part of his recovery."

Ronnie is still at outpatient at Life Works Community Centre in Old Woking, Surrey.

For the next stage of his treatment, he must live with an addictions counselor and will be helped to reintegrate into everyday life.

As part of the process, he will be encouraged to accept the consequences of decisions he makes.

The source added: "Jo is incredibly strong. She is waiting for Ronnie to complete his rehab process before she makes any firm decisions."

Jo attended the GQ Men of the Year Awards with Jerry Hall on Tuesday and the pair reportedly bonded over their philandering husbands.

The source said: "Jo and Jerry have been friends for many years and now have even more in common than before. They've been joking they're the cheated Wags!"


August 22, 2008: "Love Triangle: Ronnie Wood Can't Choose Between Wife Of 23 Years And His 20-Year-Old Mistress"

Ronnie Wood is said to be torn between his wife and the girl he calls a "sl*t".

The 61-year-old Rolling Stone confided to a friend he can't choose between his wife Jo and family and 20-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova, who he ran off with in July.

Despite his behavior, Jo - his wife of 23 years - has been visiting him in the rehab center where he is being treated for alcohol, drug and sex addiction.

A friend told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Ronnie says he has to decide whether to go back to Jo or start a new life with Kat. He says he's deeply in love with Kat. He's always talking about her. He called her a sl*t, but says that's what his family call her. Ronnie says his daughter Leah and son Tyrone are furious with him. He's getting more support from his stepson Jamie."

While Jo has remained silent about the affair, she visited the star at the Life Works Community center in Surrey for the second day running Thursday. After telling reporters Ronnie was "fine", the couple were pictured smiling and talking happily together.

Ekaterina has repeatedly claimed she is planning to set up home with the musician once he leaves rehab.

She said: "Ronnie's moving on. It's a fresh start. He's made the decision. It's sad we've caused people pain. It's hurt his family and my family too, but we've just fallen in love."

Ekaterina was spotted in London club Punk on Wednesday night, where she was reportedly getting close to a much younger look-a-like of the aging rocker.


August 18, 2008: "Ronnie Wood Not Leaving Wife For His Lover After Rehab Stint"

A friend of Jo Wood has slammed claims by 20-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova that the 61-year-old Rolling Stones guitarist has "made his decision" to set up home with her once he has finished his stint in rehab.

The pal told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Ekaterina is living in a fantasy world. To say she has won Ronnie is ridiculous, particularly as there isn't a competition."

"This silly child is trying to play grown-ups but she is just showing how immature and unready she is for an adult relationship."

Former model Jo, 53, has visited Ronnie at the Life Works Community Center in Surrey for a romantic walk and was seen kissing and cuddling the musician.

But the rocker has also been in touch with Ekaterina during his stay at the clinic - where he is expected to stay for several months.

The source added: "Ronnie is still trying to save his marriage and Jo is desperate to see him nursed back to health. For her this isn't some playground contest with another woman."

"Ekaterina will never have what Jo and Ronnie have together."

Jo and Ronnie's daughter Leah, 29, spent the weekend forgetting their troubles at the Virgin Mobile V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex.


August 13, 2008: "Rolling Stones Guitarist Ronnie Wood Gets Visit From Estranged Wife In Rehab"

Ronnie Wood has been visited in rehab by his wife Jo.

Jo met the Rolling Stones guitarist for the first time since his fling with a 20-year-old Russian girl Tuesday.

The couple had an emotional reconciliation, talking and hugging at the Life Works Community center in Old Woking, Surrey, where Ronnie is being treated for addiction to alcohol and drugs.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Things are slowly starting to get back on track. Jo knows the affair was based on vodka."

Ronnie, 61, ran off with waitress Ekaterina Ivanova to his Irish home for a 10-day drinking binge in July.

He eventually returned to England after his son Jesse flew out and convinced him to come home. He has since been in the rehab clinic - his sixth visit for drinking problems - where Jo, 52, reportedly refused to visit him until he was sober.

Last week, it was reported Ronnie had moved Ekaterina to a nearby hotel and that she was visiting him while he underwent treatment.

He has also reportedly confessed: "I love my wife - but I have a girlfriend and I love her too."

During the early stages of his treatment, Ronnie was not allowed any contact with any of the outside world, including Ekaterina and Jo.
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