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September 1, 2008: "Rhys Ifans Sends His Dirty Underwear In A Royal Mail Post Bag As A Prank"

Rhys Ifans put his soiled underwear in a Royal Mail post bag as a prank. The "Notting Hill" actor decided to play the drunken prank at the headquarters of Britain's Q Radio after he had been interviewed for the station.

After seeing a postman arrive, Rhys is said to have taken a pair of dirty men's undergarments out of his pocket and hide them in the mailman's sack.

A source said: "Rhys and some friends were down in the reception being quite boisterous. They had obviously been sinking quite a few drinks."

"He was particularly excited when the postman arrived. He went outside and was singing 'Hey Mr Postman' and 'Special Delivery' and giggling to himself manically."

"After handing out his letters, when the postman arrived back he looked inside his sack and pulled out a piece of underwear. He looked as if he was going to be sick when he saw them."

The furious postman reportedly stormed to the company's reception area waving the offending item at arm's length.

A spokesman for Bauer Media, which owns Q Radio, said: "We did have an unofficial compliant from Royal Mail about a rogue item in our post. But no further action has been taken."


August 21, 2008: "Rhys Ifans Ruins Girlfriend Kimberly Stewart's Birthday Party"

Rhys Ifans ruined his new girlfriend's birthday party on Wednesday night.

The hellraising actor was celebrating Kimberly Stewart turning 29 at London's Bungalow 8 club when he spotted a fellow reveler getting close to his lover.

Rhys grabbed the man, thought to be one of his friends, in a headlock and hurled abuse at him.

He screamed: "F**k off. Don't touch my bird! Let's take this outside, you think you're a big man?"

After security broke up the fight, the "Notting Hill" star careered into a table and sent glasses smashing on the floor.

The troubled 40-year-old "Notting Hill" star was seen with a small mustache drawn on his upper lip and said he was a "big fan of Hitler".

He also simulated sex on a friend who had fallen over on the dance floor.

Rhys was eventually calmed down by Kimberly who grabbed him by the face to get his attention.

She told him: "F**king calm down. I've had enough of this s**t, Rhys, don't do this. It's my birthday, stop acting like you're 12."

Kimberly eventually made Rhys leave the club and they were seen getting into a taxi.


August 13, 2008: "Rhys Ifans Rekindles Romance With Kimberly Stewart, Reports Claim"

Rhys Ifans and Kimberly Stewart have reportedly rekindled their romance.

The couple were first linked last month - weeks after the "Notting Hill" actor split from Sienna Miller - but Rhys was then seen in Ibiza with another girl, prompting rumors they had ended their brief relationship.

However, they have now been photographed together again in London, with an onlooker saying: "They looked close - though as soon as they saw the camera they walked apart as if trying to keep it secret."

Rhys, 40, was seen with the mystery blonde on the Spanish island as recently as Sunday. His holiday companion was a look-a-like of former girlfriend Sienna, sharing the same long blonde hair and star tattoos.

A source close to the actor said: "Rhys has really been going for it. He's had a trail of stunning women running around after him and has been the life and soul of every party he's been to in the last week."

The "Hannibal Rising" star was left devastated after his 10-month relationship with 'Factory Girl' actress Sienna ended in June. However, friends say he is determined to get over the split and has been throwing himself into the single life.

One friend said: "He's not ready to leap into another long-term relationship just yet but that doesn't stop him from having some fun."


July 29, 2008: "Rhys Ifans Spotted Partying With Kimberly Stewart In London"

Rhys Ifans was spotted partying with Kimberly Stewart at London's exclusive Bungalow 8 nightclub on Monday night.

The "Notting Hill" actor sought comfort in the arms of rocker Rod Stewart's daughter on a raucous night out.

An onlooker said: "Rhys was smiling and generally looked a lot happier than he has done recently. He was laughing a lot with Kimberly and they hit the dance floor a few times too."

Wearing a short multicolored dress, 28-year-old Kimberly left the nightspot in the early morning looking slightly intoxicated.

Rhys, 40, followed shortly after, and entertained the waiting photographers by pulling a variety of funny faces.

This is not the first time Kimberly has been seen out with one of Sienna's ex-boyfriends.

In May, she was seen passionately kissing Jude Law in a nightclub in Essex, south England.

Jude and Sienna split in 2006 after it emerged he had cheated on her with Daisy Wright, the nanny of his two children with ex-wife Sadie Frost.


July 8, 2008: "Rhys Ifans Writes Song About Ex-Girlfriend Sienna Miller"

Rhys Ifans has written a lament for Sienna Miller.

The 'Notting Hill' actor bears his soul on the track 'Stonefinger' and admits he was "heartbroken" when he recorded the vocals to the track for his new band The Peth - Welsh for The Thing.

The song features lyrical outpourings from Rhys such as: "Every little thing you said would break me/All of it came true/Every bit of love I give/You mock it/Yes you do."

Rhys' heartfelt track will feature on the band's forthcoming debut album 'The Golden Mile' a band which Rhys was an early member of.

Sienna, 26, dramatically dumped 39-year-old Rhys in June, leaving him distraught.

After a series of drunken nights out in London, Rhys retired to his home country, Wales, where he set to work on the record.


Actor Rhys Ifans picture(s) (pic) and photo gallery.
Born: 22 July 1968 Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Rhys Ifans is an award winning Welsh actor.
In 2002 he gained some controversy in the British media for his alleged support of Welsh nationalist group Meibion Glyndwr, a militant group who support violence against English home owners in the Welsh heartlands. This was due mainly to some comments he made in an interview conducted by Mariella Frostrup for The Observer newspaper.

Rhys Ifans biography (bio):
Early life:
Ifans was born in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales to Beti and Eirwyn Evans, both of whom were teachers. He has adopted the Welsh spelling of his surname. Ifans grew up in Ruthin, in North Wales, and attended Ysgol Maes Garmon, a Welsh language secondary school in Mold, Flintshire, where he sat his O levels and A levels. He also attended youth acting schools at Theatr Clwyd, Mold. His first language is Welsh and he says that he began using the Welsh spelling of his surname, "just to be difficult". His brother, Llyr Evans, is also an actor. They starred together in the Welsh produced film, Twin Town.

He presented Sdwnsh which first hit the airwaves in 1990 with 31 fifteen minute programmes of complete mayhem. Sdwnsh was one of the first opportunities for the audience to come to know this anarchic Presenter.
Ifans has appeared in many Welsh language television programmes before embarking on his film career, as well as performing at the Royal National Theatre, London and the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. He was briefly lead vocalist of the rock band Super Furry Animals before they found national success. [citation needed] His film roles include: Eyeball Paul in Kevin and Perry Go Large (2000), Nigel in The Replacements (2000), Iki in The 51st State (2001), William Dobbin in Vanity Fair (2004) and Vladis Grutas in Hannibal Rising (film) (2007). He also played Jed Parry in the film version of Ian McEwan's Enduring Love (film) and the lead role in Danny Deckchair (2003) as Danny Morgan.
In 2005, Ifans picked up a BAFTA for his critically acclaimed portrayal of iconic comedian Peter Cook in the TV film Not Only But Always. He also made a guest appearance for the rock band Oasis in the video for their single "The Importance of Being Idle" for which he accepted their award for Video Of the Year at the 2005/2006 NME Awards. Rhys also makes cameo appearances in the music videos for "God! Show Me Magic" by the Super Furry Animals, "Mulder & Scully" by Catatonia and "Mama Told Me Not To Come" by Tom Jones and the Stereophonics.
He is best known to American viewers as "Adrian", the pompous, arrogant, eldest brother from Little Nicky, as well as his "breakout" role as Spike in British film Notting Hill (1999).

On 16th July 2007 he received an Honorary Fellowship from Bangor University in North Wales, for services to the film industry.
Sienna Miller pic get lunch with actor Rhys Ifans in West London
Sienna Miller pic get lunch with actor Rhys Ifans in West London
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Sienna Miller pic get lunch with actor Rhys Ifans in West London
Sienna Miller pic get lunch with actor Rhys Ifans in West London
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Sienna Miller pic get lunch with actor Rhys Ifans in West London
Sienna Miller pic get lunch with actor Rhys Ifans in West London
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Rhys Ifans : rhys-ifans-photo 150x200
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Rhys Ifans and Sienna Miller
Rhys Ifans and Sienna Miller
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