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Also known as: Algernod Lanier Washington.
Born: July 1, 1976 Fort Myers, Florida, U.S.

Plies biography (bio):
Early Career:
Plies grew up in Fort Myers. After he graduated in 1994 from Fort Myers High School, Plies began to pursue his music seriously. This led him to join older brother Ronell Levatte in running Big Gates Records, an independent label that at the time boasted ten artists, not including Plies himself. His rap career blossomed when he came up with the lyrics for "Tell Dem Krackers Dat" because the original artist could not figure out a good chorus. His brother liked his version so much better that it eventually led to a mixtape. About this Plies said: "It wasn't a dream of mine. It kind of happened accidentally. But at the same time, I'm a believer that nothing happens on accident."

Upon hearing "Tell Dem Krackers Dat", representatives from Slip-N-Slide Records guided the release of his first single "Got 'Em Hatin". He met Akon in early 2006 while he was working on Konvicted. This acquaintance led to Plies recording "I Wanna Love You" with Akon. Incidentally, according to a Hot 97 interview with Akon, this song was originally intended for Trick Daddy. Due to negative publicity from a 2006 shooting (mentioned below), it was decided that Snoop Dogg, who was already on a version that had been on the mixtape circulation scene, would have the song instead.

Plies was arrested on July 2, 2006 for illegal gun possession while two members of his entourage were charged with attempted murder after a shooting broke out at 238 West Nightclub in Gainesville, Florida. Plies was performing a concert when he was informed that his show would be cut 15 minutes short in order to give time for Lil' Boosie to perform right after. In response, Plies' entourage opened fire on the crowd, resulting in the injury of 5 people with non-life threatening wounds. Shortly after, Plies was released after paying $100,000 bail.

Plies released his debut single "Shawty" featuring T-Pain. This song immediately began a hit as it topped the Hip Hop charts and became one of the most played songs via radio in the nation. He later released his second single, "Hypnotized" featuring Akon. The Real Testament, was released August 7, 2007. Plies is currently signed with Atlantic Records, and is working on his second album.
Plies rapper : JL
Plies  rapper  : JL
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39 Votes, 3.86/5
Plies rapper : PLIES
Plies  rapper  : PLIES
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