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Actress Paula Poundstone pictures and photo gallery.
born: December 29, 1959 in Huntsville, Alabama.
Poundstone's family moved to Sudbury, Massachusetts when she was young (some sources incorrectly state Poundstone was born in Sudbury). She adopted her first child, Thomas, in 1993. In 1997, she adopted two girls, Toshia and Allison. She has been a foster mother to several children, but is now barred from providing foster care for legal reasons.
In a promotional spot for NPR, she claims to have lived with Timothy Leary briefly as a young adult, and says he sparked her interest in following current events, after having rushed into her bedroom while she was taking a nap and exclaiming, "The news is on!"
Notable roles:
-Paula Poundstone: Look What the Cat Dragged In 2006 .
-When Stand Up Stood Out 2005.
-Home Movies: Season 01 1999.
-Home Movies [Animated TV Series] 1999.
paula poundstone : 1
paula poundstone : 1
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Paula Poundstone
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