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Born: September 20, 1978 Vienna, Italy.

Patrizio Buanne biography (bio):
Patrizio Buanne is an Austro-Italian baritone. He is currently signed with Next Plateau Records, a division of Universal Music.
Buanne was born in Vienna but lived the first six years of his life in his father's native city, Naples, moving back to Vienna with his family thereafter. He began performing in public at the age of eleven, and after winning several talent competitions as a youth, performed for Pope John Paul II and a crowd of 85,000 in Poland in 1997. This performance enabled him to sign his first recording contract.
His father opened the first Italian restaurant in Vienna. He grew up wanting to cook. It was his father that said he would chop his hands off if he did. He didn't want that for his son - a life working Saturdays and Sundays. Ironically as a performer Patrizio now works mostly on weekends. Patrizio was seventeen when his father passed away from virulent cancer. Still residing in Vienna at the time it was his uncle who invited him to move back to Italy at the age of 20. He went to University in Rome and chose to study languages. Patrizio speaks six languages.
He got his first guitar when he was eight and at eleven made his first public performance at a talent contest. He won several talent competitions and even collected a trip to Graceland with his mother. When his father died the grief ate away at him and he almost lost his own life to a perforated ulcer.
In his early twenties Patrizio hosted his own TV show on RAI. But he wanted more. He wanted to pursue his one true passion: singing. By the age of twenty five he was introduced to Christian Seitz and after 18 months of hard work his singing career took off with the launch of his first album: L'Italiano (The Italian). This album was recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The very same studios made famous by the Beatles in the sixties.
'I promised my father I would make my name, his name famous. That's why I'm doing what I'm doing. Every time I would sing I would close my eyes and I saw my father and every time I was singing it brought me nearer(closer)to him. I wanted more than ever to entertain people, to take them to another world. That's why it's important for me to sing the songs I was brought up with. It's my culture. It's my nature but I also wanted to have new songs.'
Buanne's debut album, The Italian, was released in 2005. It is composed of eleven tracks of traditional Italian songs. The Italian reached #10 on the Pop chart in the United Kingdom, and also charted in Australia, where it was certified as double Platinum.
As of May 2007, The Italian has recently been released in the USA. He performed 2 sets of sell-out dates in 2006 with a 6 week tour of major theatres and concert venues. He has already broken records at PBS stations across the country. In October 2006 he performed in front of President Bush at the prestigious NIAF gala in Washington, DC.
His second album Forever Begins Tonight includes an Italian version of Robbie William's Angels. Patrizio is the only artist ever to be allowed to cover the song in Italian. 'I liked the idea of taking a famous pop song and interpreting it in my way, giving it the Italian touch. It was a very nice gesture of Robbie's,' said Patrizio when telling of the near-miss they had for recording the song. Robbie William's 'people' would not allow Patrizio to record the song at first. But later Robbie became aware of Patrizio's desire to record the song and after Robbie listened to Patrizio's rendition of 'Angels' he called Patrizio and gave the go-ahead to record the song: Un' Angelo, the Italian version.
This second album was released in South Africa first of all countries as early as July 2006, to coincide with a concert at Carnival City (South Africa) at the end of July 2006. Patrizio returned to South Africa in September 2007 to perform once again at Carnaval City as well as Cape Town.
Patrizio sings in English, Italian and Spanish on this album but he speaks six languages. As he grew up in Austria his mother would never let him speak Italian in public. 'It was important to be integrated into the world and languages have always been important to me. I speak Italian, German, English, French, Spanish, Polish and can say a few words in many other tongues. It's all about communicating. I love being able to touch people.'
Patrizio's career has afforded him the opportunity to see the world. And after seeing so many exciting countries Patrizio has bought himself a house in Spain.
Universal has announced that Buanne will perform on a national tour of Australia in May of 2006. In April 2006, Buanne agreed to having his portrait created by portrait painter Roger P. Thomas, to raise up to 50,000 for charity.
Buanne also recorded the football anthem "Stand Up! (Champions Theme)" that was played at the end of all matches in the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. The song is an orchestral remix of the original Village People song "Go West" made popular by the British duo Pet Shop Boys.
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