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P.J. Olsson biography (bio):
Michigan native P.J. Olsson has toured with artists such as Beth Orton, DJ Spooky, Rufus Wainrigh and Placebo. He has one of the most distinctive voices in pop music today. His soulful voice and sultry lyrics will tantalize the senses. His post-modern sound captures an eclectic array of classic rock and progressive electronica to mold splashing pop melodies. Words for Living, Olsson's Columbia debut was released in mid-2000.

P.J. Olsson Discography (albums):
-2005 Beautifully Insane.
-2000 Words for Living [Japan].
-1999 Words for Living.
-1998 P.J. Olsson.
P.J. Olsson : p23344pupb6
P.J. Olsson : p23344pupb6
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P.J. Olsson : p23343axdrb
P.J. Olsson : p23343axdrb
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