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Birth name: Myles MacInnes.
Born: 1978 Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Mylo biography (bio):
A 1999 graduate of philosophy, psychology & physiology at Brasenose College, Oxford, Mylo quit studying for a philosophy Ph.D at UCLA to return home and produce music.

He released his debut album, Destroy Rock & Roll in 2004, on the Breastfed Recordings label, which he co-owns. Mylo produced the album on a computer in his own bedroom.

He has provided remixes for the likes of Scissor Sisters ("Mary"), Amy Winehouse ("Pumps") and The Killers ("Somebody Told Me"). One of his notable works is a remix of Kylie Minogue's #2 UK hit "I Believe in You" in 2004 which appeared on the single which peaked at #3 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in the U.S.

His biggest chart success to date came in autumn 2005, when the single "Dr. Pressure", a mash-up of his own song "Drop The Pressure" and Miami Sound Machine's "Dr. Beat" (originally created by mashup artists Phil n' Dog before being released by Mylo), peaked at No.3 in the UK singles chart. The single performed well in the States, especially on the Hot Dance Airplay and Hot Dance Music/Club Play charts, where it became known as "Dr. Pressure." It made the Top 10 on both charts. Following previous Top 20 hits he had had such as Drop the Pressure (No.19), Destroy Rock & Roll (No.15) and In My Arms (No.13) during late 2004 and 2005.

His last single "Muscle Car", the follow up to the highly successful 'Dr Pressure', was a big hit on the UK and European dance charts and club scene, reaching no. 1 on the UK Club chart in November 2005, but only reaching a disappointing no. 38 in the UK top 40 singles chart. The video that went with the single courted controversy as it featured two Chinese spies (British actors Bruce Wang and Alex Liang) inventing an electronic fly to spy on American president George W. Bush. Bush was shown involved in drug and alcohol fueled threesome with two prostitutes. Mylo himself does not appear in the video.

In an interview with The Star newspaper, Mylo said, We got lots of people pitching to do videos with cars in them, for obvious reasons. And then there was this one about George W Bush going on a bender, so it kind of stood out. It wasn't hard to decide. I was living in Los Angeles when Bush stole the election in 2001 (SIC - the election was in 2000). It was very depressing. In the four years since then, he's proved to be even more stupid and dangerous than I feared at the time. I felt that I'd already had a satirical pop at American fundamentalism with my track 'Destroy Rock & Roll', but not everybody interpreted it that way.

He has also contributed an exclusive song, "Mars Needs Women", to the War Child compilation album Help: A Day In The Life, released in September 2005 and was also featured on the Canadian compilation album MuchDance 2007, released in November 2006. In 2006, the track "Otto's Journey" was used in a television commercial for Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing, which featured Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan at home improvising a salad out of green beans, blackberries, and potatoes.

On 24 November 2006, he took over Pete Tong's Friday evening Radio 1 show while Tong was performing in New York.

A remix of the song "Muscle Cars" (by Mylo) was featured in the game 'Driver:Parallel lines', the fourth installment of the hit driving series 'Driver'.

Mylo's official website has recently been updated with his allegedly new single "In The Mood for Love" featuring pop princess Kylie Minogue. The following day, a song called "Spell of Desire" (also done with Minogue) surfaced on his MySpace.

Mylo cancelled a US tour in 2006 due to temporary deafness, and also twice cancelled performances at Neighbourhood nightclub in London, once in December 2005 due to an injured ankle and again in July 2006, for which no reason was given.
Mylo also cancelled his Australian tour in 2006 for the Big Day Out
Mylo played to a full house in the Red Marquee at the Fuji Rock Festival 2005 in Japan.
Mylo performed at the M8 Ibiza Dance Awards in Eden and in the Oxegen festival dance tent during the summer of 2006.
Performed at Rhythm & Vines Festival in Gisborne, New Zealand on New Years Eve 2006
He also travels home, to perform on the Isle of Skye and keeps his homely locals happy.
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