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MURS (born Nick Carter on March 16, 1978 in Los Angeles, California). Although his roots are in the Underground rap scene, MURS is now major label. He is signed to Record Collection Records and is a member of the rap groups Living Legends, Felt, and the 3 Melancholy Gypsies, and previously the "elusive" Log Cabin crew. The name 'MURS' is an acronym for Making Underground Raw Shit. He hails from the Los Angeles neighborhood of Mid-City.

MURS has released several solo records: F'Real (1997), Good Music (1999), MURS Rules the World (2000), MURS is My Best Friend, Varsity Blues, The End of the Beginning (2003), MURS 3:16-The 9th Edition (2004), and Murray's Revenge (2006). He has collaborated with many artists including Shock G (Humpty Hump of Digital Underground), Slug, El-P, Aesop Rock, Cip-One, RJD2, Hieroglyphics, Little Brother & 9th Wonder, E-40, John Cena, Mr. Lif, Jean Grae, Freestyle Fellowship, DJ Z-Trip, Chingo Bling, Shing02 and many more. Plus he has just recently appeared on L.A. metal/hardcore band Terror's new album Always The Hard Way (2006).

His track "L.A." from his most recent album Murray's Revenge, is set to appear in the soundtrack of the latest incarnation of the popular EA made NBA Basketball series, NBA Live 2007. Aside from music, MURS is also a host of Current TV.

He is signed to Def Jux, but is also signed to Warner Bros. Records for future releases of his collaborations with 9th Wonder.

MURS recently released Felt, Vol. 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet with Slug and the DVD/CD combo Walk Like A Man. He also released a follow-up album to Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition last year with producer 9th Wonder entitled Murray's Revenge which was released on March 21, 2006. Murray's Revenge features appearances by Big Pooh of Little Brother and Joe Scudda of the Justus League.

MURS is now signed to Warner Bros. Records, and managed by Stampede Management. His seventh solo album titled MURS for President is set be released in 2008. The debut track entitled 'Dreadlocks' is featured in the latest EA made NFL Football series, Madden NFL 2008.

The bulk of the lyrics relate directly to MURS' personal experiences. In this vein, MURS lampoons the pigeonholes that MCs are known to fall into. He describes his music as "Sitcom Rap," because he's "able to take elements from everyday life and make it entertaining." He often worries that his lyrics are "going over people's heads."

MURS is a firm believer in bringing all races together through his music, and "pro-black rappers are doing it wrong. If you're dissing white people and 80% of the crowd is white, then you probably shouldn't do it because it's just disrespectful and you're making money off of shock value."

Women are a common theme for MURS. He seeks inspiration from his real life. In an interview for HipHopHeadz, he said, "I guess that's one of the benefits to having this crazy life. I get to meet all types of girls and my friends get to meet all types of girls.

Along with his "friends," MURS' biggest influences include E-40, Jay-Z and Sublime. While most musicians are anti-filesharing, MURS is not one of them. He doesn't want his fans to "feel bad if you downloaded the album. I really don't give a fuck. Hopefully you can take something away from what I said and find something to laugh about. That'd be great."[
MURS : murs
MURS : murs
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