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Motograter is an American nu metal/industrial metal band. They are known for their homemade "motograter" instrument - designed with industrial cable and guitar pieces - as a substitute for the traditional bass guitar. The band is also painting themselves before concerts.
Motograter was founded in 1995 by Bruce Butler aka Grater. The band was originally a tribal group that experimented with hardcore screams and sampling. In 1999, they became more of a rock styled band, and began to use guitar samples before adding a proper guitarist. They released two independent EPs titled Hugh Chardon (1999) and Indy (2000) with their origianl vocalist Zak (The Waz). He was later replaced by Ivan Moody, and the band signed with Elektra Records in 2002.
The band released their self-titled debut album Motograter on June 24, 2003, just shortly before their first major tour. Motograter's second stage slot at Ozzfest 2003 would ultimately lead to the band's struggles with their label. Like every other band on the second stage classified as nu metal (others included Twisted Method, grade 8 and Unloco), Motograter's record sales did not improve as much as their record company had hoped. After the tour, Motograter's camp didn't say much regarding their future.
Dates were announced for a tour in January 2004, but due to it being poorly planned, there was no promotion or tour support from Elektra. The tour was canceled, but things were looking up, as the group hinted at Elektra being interested in both a second album and a European tour. However, nothing eventuated, as Motograter learned that there were no plans in the works for the band. Not only did Elektra refuse to provide the necessary tour support or money for a new album, but they also kept them signed to a contract that ruled out a new deal.
Following a headlining tour that was once again poorly advertised, Motograter did a series of dates with Kittie. They followed this up with an extensive, self-financed tour with Dope that saw the band abandon their trademark body paint.
The band announced in May 2005 that they were on hiatus to start some side-projects.
Motograter played a one-time reunion show at the Delicious Rox Festival in Missouri on September 30, 2006. The lineup featured Ivan, JR, Matt, Bruce and Crispy.

* Ghost- Vocals (2003-present).
* Matt "Nuke" Nunes- Lead Guitar (2003, 2006-present).
* JR- Rhythm Guitar (2003-present).
* Crispy- Drums (1999-present).
* Grater- Motograter/Keys (1999-2004, 2004-present).
Motograter : Motograter-er02
Motograter : Motograter-er02
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Motograter : Motograter-er01
Motograter : Motograter-er01
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Motograter : p41085qz9oa
Motograter : p41085qz9oa
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Motograter - Motograter album cover
Motograter - Motograter album cover
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