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Birth name: Morgan Ailis Webb.
Born: October 5, 1978, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Nickname: Webbie.
Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m).

Morgan Webb biography (bio):
Was voted "Miss Kissable" in her high school yearbook.
Because of her parents' Canadian nationality, Morgan retains dual-citizenship in the United States and Canada when she and her family moved to Los Angeles, California soon after her birth. This was once referred to on X-Play when Adam asked if she was Canadian and she said only when it benefits her. As an infant and small child, Webb appeared in advertisements for Gerber baby food, Kenner Toys, and most famously, an ad for McDonald's, where she recited the ingredients of the Big Mac to a game of Pat-a-cake. Ironically, Webb's parents refused to let her watch television as a child, so she made up for lost hours of television time by playing video games (according to X-Play's page on G4's website). She began with an Atari, primarily the game Combat, but as technology progressed, The Legend of Zelda and Phantasy Star became two of her favorite games.
Webb graduated from Walter Reed Middle School in 1993 and graduated from North Hollywood High School in 1996 with Highly Gifted Magnet honors. After graduating high school, she left home to attend UC Berkeley. While there, she earned a bachelor's degree in 2000 in rhetoric and a minor in Italian.
In April 2004, Webb, along with fellow TechTV personalities Sarah Lane, Laura Swisher, Catherine Schwartz and Melanie Kim, was included in the "TechTV's Sexiest Techie" poll sponsored by Playboy magazine. TechTV viewers could vote for their favorite girl via the Playboy website, and the winner of the poll would be offered a nude photo spread in a future issue of Playboy. Webb won the poll but, despite being "very flattered" by the photo shoot offer, she immediately refused, citing her own personal reasons as well as her parents' objection to the idea.
Morgan Webb : morgan-webb-picture-1
Morgan Webb : morgan-webb-picture-1
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Morgan Webb : morgan-webb-picture-2
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Morgan Webb : morgan-webb-picture-3
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