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Birth name: Mohamed Fouad Abd El Hamid Hassan (Arabic:محمد فؤاد عبد الحميد حسن).
Born: December 20, 1961 Cairo, Egypt.

Born in Cairo, Fouad grew up in Helwan among his five brothers and three sisters. He enjoyed listening to the legends Abd El Halim Hafez, Farid Al Attrach, Abd El Wehab and Om Kalthoum. He used to participate in singing and acting school groups. He was discovered by Ezat Abu Auf and joined the Four M singing group were he was known for the songs "Hamdel Ala Al Salama" and "Fi Al Seka". His fame grew with the success of his first album Habeina and the music video for "Hawada'ak". Success followed and Fouad managed to lead with albums Mashina, Hayran, Al Hob Al Haqiqi and Kamanana. Fouad's Fan base increased in the Arab World principally because of the diversity of his songs. Fouad became one of the top Arab Singing Popular Stars by carefully choosing his songs and the theme of the video clips.
Fouad's success in the Arab World was enormous, not only as a singer but as an actor, composer and song writer. He wrote and composed several hit songs; "La Azon" writer, "Thani", "La La", "Hairan" writer- composer, "Alla Aleik" writer-composer "Al Dam" composer, "Hairan", writer-composer.
Fouad is the only popular singer who managed to achieve equal success as an actor concurrent with his career as a singer. His success as an actor came amazing, from the very start in his film debut Amrica Shika Bika, where he played the role of the teenager who dreams of immigrating to the USA followed by Al Qalb Wa Ma Yaashaq, through the film Ismaileya Rayeh Gay which the critics consider as the film which changed the path of Egyptian contemporary filmmaking. This film in particular depended on young actors unlike the prevailing films of that time which depended on Grand Superstars. the film managed to hit the box office with millions...Fouad's success followed in films; Rehlet Hob, Howa Fi Eih, and last Ghawi Hob which was lately screened.
mohamed fouad
mohamed fouad
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