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Birth name: Shawn Mims.
Also known as: MIMS.
Born: March 22, 1981 Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York, USA.

Shawn"The G.O.A.T."Mims is a rapper from New York born into a family of Jamaican descent. His first foray into hip-hop was as a producer. After struggling to get signed, he finally convinced EMI/Capitol Records to sign him and his American King Entertainment imprint. MIMS signed with EMI/Capitol after he garnered attention with his independently released single, "This Is Why I'm Hot", which hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in early 2007. He has also released two other singles:Like This, and It's Alright.
MIMS also released the remix of "This Is Why I'm Hot" featuring Junior Reid and Cham. There is also another remix featuring DJ Unk where it appears he is taking a shot at Nas. "Hip Hop aint dead, we just so Illmatic"
MIMS also released a rock remix of This Is Why I'm Hot entitled "This is Why I Rock" with Purple Popcorn, which can be heard at PrefixMag
His debut album, Music Is My Savior was released on March 27, 2007.
MIMS - Music is My Savior album cover
MIMS - Music is My Savior album cover
By User: ohjoy
5 Votes, 4.2/5
MIMS - This is why i m hot single cover
MIMS - This is why i m hot single cover
By User: ohjoy
1 Votes, 4/5

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