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Birth name: Jamila Chilombo.
Born: November 18, 1983 Los Angeles, California.

Mila J biography (bio):
Mila J. is the latest R&B/Rap solo female artist to the TUG roster headed by Chris Stokes, creator of the groups B2K and Immature. She has five siblings: Miyoko (sister), Miyagi (brother), Jahi (brother), Jhene (sister) and Kareena (sister).
Mila J is a native of Los Angeles, California and she is African American, Indian and Japanese. She is the sister of singer Jhene and cousin of rapper Lil Fizz. Mila J began rapping at age 4. She met Chris Stokes when she was just nine years old after her sister had appeared in an Immature video. He eventually made her a member of his now-defunct girl group, Dame Four. She has said "I went to school for fashion, but singing and dancing are in my heart, that's what I love and can't see myself doing anything else."
Her debut album, Split Personality, featuring tracks produced by The Underdogs (Omarion, Chris Brown, etc.) and Platinum Status (B2K, Oryan, Omarion) will debut sometime in 2008. The first single off the album is entitled "Complete", produced by Cory Bold.
Mila J : mila j
Mila J : mila j
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Mila J
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