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Birth name: Clifford Smith.
Sometimes credited as:
Wu-Tang Clan / Clifford 'Method' Man / Methodman.
Born: April 1, 1971 in Staten Island, New York, USA.
Height: 6' 3" (1.91 m).

Method Man biography (bio):
Clifford Smith is better known by his stage name Method Man, is an American rapper, record producer, actor, and member of the hip hop collective, Wu-Tang Clan. He has appeared in films and TV shows such as CSI, How High, The Wire, Garden State, and Soul Plane, among others. He took his stage name from the 1979 film The Fearless Young Boxer, also known as Method Man. His name also refers to the slang "method", meaning marijuana in his native Staten Island. He is one half of the rap duo Method Man & Redman. In 1995 he began what would become a successful acting career which would span over 10 years. See also: *Method Man Filmography.

He has won 1 Grammy for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for "I'll be There For You/You're all I Need" with Mary J. Blige.

Early life:
Method Man was born in Hempstead, New York but moved back and forth between Staten Island and Hempstead during his teenage years because his parents got divorced. In an apparent precursor to his career in hip hop, he was introduced both to playing drums and to poetry by his father. Fans of Method Man often refer to him by the shorthand nickname "Meth"; the man himself has self-applied a variety of nicknames, the most common being variations of "Johnny Blaze."

Not only was Meth interested in music, he was also fascinated by comic books and particularly Ghost Rider, a fascination which manifested itself years later in several of his many rap aliases. Meth is also a member of the 5% Nation resting in the isles of Strong Island

His pre-hip hop life was mostly split between drug dealing and low-paid jobs (including a stint working at the Statue Of Liberty, along with future Wu-Tang colleague U-God). A stint he had was driving rickshaws in Manhatten New York. He has often spoken out against the ways of his past and regrets having gotten involved in the world of dealing drugs.

Acting career:
In the Early 2000s Method Man began a successful career in acting. He has had recurring roles in critically acclaimed television shows such as HBO's The Wire in which he plays the character Cheese, HBO's Oz as Tug Daniels, The Twilight Zone, and CSI. He hosted a series on MTV for a brief period called Stung and has made numerous appearances as himself on TV shows such as Mind Of Mencia, Chappelle's Show, and others.

He also co-starred with Redman in his own Fox sitcom called Method & Red in late 2004, however after only a short time on the air the show was put on hiatus and never returned. Method Man later complained in the press about Fox's influence on the show's style, claiming that "there's been too much compromise on our side and not enough on their side" and bemoaning the network's decision to add a laugh track. Before the show even aired for the first time, he was telling fans not to bother watching it. He plays the recurring character Drops on CSI, a wealthy Las Vegas party promoter who clashes with the CSI team in their investigations involving his clubs or entourage. His first appearance on CSI as Drops was in the 2006 episode "Poppin' Tags", he resumed the role in the 2007 episode "Big Shots".

His first prominent role came in 1998 with the film Belly along with fellow rappers Nas and DMX. He has since added many credits to his name, including roles in the films Garden State, One Eight Seven, and many others, with starring roles in the feature films such as How High and Soul Plane. On March 27, 2007 Redman confirmed on BET Rapcity that the sequel to How High is currently being written. The script for How High 2 is being written by Dustin Lee Abraham of CSI fame, who also wrote the first movie. In 2005 Method Man also had a cameo on the Pop/Indie/Horror movie Venom, where he played a deputy who shortly into the movie was killed. He has recently taken roles in the upcoming movies The Wackness and Meet The Spartans.

Meth will be starring in the December 4, 2007 episode of Law & Order SVU titled Snitch as the main antagonist.

Other work:
Method Man has made an appearance in the Def Jam series. In Fight For NY he voiced Blaze, one of the main characters. In Def Jam: Icon, he voiced Gooch, a major character in the storyline. He made a guest appearance in the music video for the 2003 "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys, where he played the role of her boyfriend. Beanie Sigel also called upon Method Man's acting skills for his 2005 video "Feel It In The Air", where Method Man played an undercover cop leading an operation against Sigel.

Method Man appeared on the MTV reality game show Yo Momma in the first episode of Season 1.

Method Man has fallen back from pursuing more acting roles after the situation with his sitcom on Fox left a bad taste in his mouth, and now mostly just acts if the project is being handled by a friend of his, as was the case with CSI and The Wire.

Method Man had a brief but memorable cameo appearance in the Samuel L. Jackson film "187". At the beginning of the film, Jackson's character, a high school teacher, is attacked and nearly killed by Method.

Method Man also appeared in the 1995 documentary entitled "Russell Simmons Presents: The Show". While on a train in Japan, there is a memorable scene in which Method Man and U-God get into an argument over camera time, radio interviews, and clothing mishaps.

He and Redman have also done TV spots for Right Guard: Power Stripe deodorant and St. Ides malt liquor.

Method Man Discography:
-Tical 2000: Judgement Day.
-Tical 0: The Prequel.
-4:21...The Day After.
-Live To Die.
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music method man : 1
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