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Birth name: Meredith Ann Brooks.
Born: June 12, 1958 Oregon City, Oregon, USA.
-Russell Jackson (1991 - 1998) (divorced).

Meredith Brooks biography (bio):
She is best known for her 1997 hit song "Bitch". She was nominated for a Grammy Award for the song.
In the wake of the enormous success of Alanis Morissette in 1995, Brooks landed a major label contract with Capitol Records. She was nearly 39 years old before having her first hit single, "Bitch", in 1997, which garnered her a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. Her album Blurring the Edges achieved platinum sales and peaked at 22 on the Billboard 200. She toured in the US and Europe in 1997 and 1998 to support the album. The song was Brooks' only major hit on the charts. In 1998 she divorced her husband, Russell Jackson, after seven years of marriage.
Brooks recorded her second major album Deconstruction in 1999. It was a stylistic and thematic shift away from Blurring the Edges. Due to a flood of records by female musicians at the time and the record label's decision to have her tour in Europe instead of promoting in the US, the album sold poorly. She originally wrote the song "Sin City", which appears on this album, for the movie Snake Eyes, directed by her friend Brian De Palma.
In 2002, Brooks worked on her third solo album Bad Bad One on Gold Circle Records, an independent label. Immediately after releasing the album, the label folded and prevented the record from getting promoted or achieving significant sales. Track 11 - 'Shine' - was released as the lead single. The label's demise also interrupted her tour with Melissa Etheridge that summer, causing her and the band to return early to Los Angeles. Also in 2002, Brooks produced Jennifer Love Hewitt's album, BareNaked, and appeared on the VH1 Divas Las Vegas program as a guest guitar soloist with Celine Dion and Anastacia.
In 2003, Brooks remarried and the next year gave birth to her son, Troy. She also signed a new record deal with the SLG Records label and released the material of Bad Bad One as Shine. Television psychologist Dr. Phil chose the song "Shine" as the theme for his show. Most recently, Brooks was completing a new children's album titled If I Could Be.. and continuing to develop new artists as a producer and songwriter. In particular, she is producing Bec Hollcraft, a young pop/rock singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon.
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meredith brooks : 1
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