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Actress, Broadway stage dancer and ballerina Meg Tilly pictures and photo gallery.
Birth name: Margaret E. Chan.
Born: February 14, 1960 Long Beach, California ,USA.
-John Calley (13 October 1995 - 2 February 2002) (divorced).
-Tim Zinnemann (? - 1989) (divorced) they have two children.
Meg Tilly biography (bio):
As a teen, she was involved with the Connecticut Ballet Company, as well as the Throne Dance Theatre, and made her screen debut with Alan Parker's Fame in 1980. A serious back injury forced her to give up dance, and she entered the field of acting, appearing in Hill Street Blues, The Big Chill, and Psycho II before appearing in Agnes of God, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award, and won a Golden Globe Award for her searing performance. She later appeared in Valmont, Girl in a Swing, and Leaving Normal. Tilly also appeared in Body Snatchers, in which she delivered a pessimistic monologue in the stylings of an alien.
Tilly has also written a novel entitled Singing Songs, comprising a series of vignettes about a young girl whose stepfather sexually assaulted her and her sisters. She also has a second novel entitled Gemma which came out in October 2006. Gemma is entirely fictional but Tilly has confirmed that Singing Songs, is autobiographical.

Awards and Nominations:
-Academy of Science Ficton, Fantasy, and Horror Films, USA:
* 1984, Best Actress for Psycho II, (Nomination).
-Academy Awards:
* 1986, Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Agnes of God, (Nomination).
-Golden Globe Awards:
* 1986, Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Movie for Agnes of God, (won).
meg tilly : 1
meg tilly : 1
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meg tilly : 2
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