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birth name: Maya Hussam Asmar.

Maya Hussam Asmar or better known by her stage name, Maya Nasri (Arabic:مايا نصري) is a popular Lebanese singer. She has gained attention and popularity by the release of her album Rooh (Go). The album's single of the same name was considered a success. The music video was directed by Emile Saleeyati.
Rooh was filmed in an abandoned apartment in Al Ahsrafieh, Beirut, is dreary and shows the agony of a woman who suffering from the desertion of her lover. The song was charted strongly throughout the Arab World.
According to a poll conducted by the Israeli televisions regarding viewers interest in Arab singers, Nasri was denoted the title 'best loved Arab singer' in Israel, making this young pop singer an amazing sensation.
Maya is engaged to the Lebanese star, Marwan Khoury.
Maya nasri
Maya nasri
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Maya Nasri
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