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Born: June 14, 1977 Naples, Italy.
Height: 6' ".
Eye color: Hazel.
Hair color: Dark Blonde.

Massimiliano Neri biography (bio):
Early life:
Neri was born in Naples, Italy in 1977. His parents divorced when he was only two and he spent his childhood with his mother, a politician. As a teenager he was very involved in sports and he practised equestrian professionally. During summer he usually spent vacation in Capri, a beautiful island in front of Naples. It was in one of those summer days in Capri when Neri met photographer Bruce Weber, who took some pictures of Massimiliano while shooting with models Helena Christensen, and Alex Lundqvist for 1995 Versace's Campaign. Neri was only 17 years old. One month later, Jack Pierson came to Naples, and he also wanted to take some pictures of him.

After sending those pictures to some model agencies in Milan, and eventually moving to Milan in 1995, he became very well known among the fashion designers since his first fashion season in Milan: working for many designers such as Gianfranco Ferre, Iceberg, Krizia, Versus, D&G, Replay, etc However, celebrity to a larger public arrived after making a TV commercial for Versace's sunglasses, which was shown all over Europe. In New Zealand he became a star with a sexy TV commercial for Levi's. Neri has also graced covers and editorials for magazines such as Cleo, LUomo Vogue, Pulp fashion etc.. Furthermore, he was chosen as testimonial for the Rocco Barocco worldwide campaign of 2000 with models Natalia Vodianova, and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Since 1995 he worked as a model in Milan, Sydney, Auckland, Tokyo, Miami, New York, and landed in Paris in 1998, where he settled down and started University. He graduated in Business Administration in Paris and took a master degree in Financial Economics from the University of Leicester.

Neri has now turned from fashion model to businessman, as owner of restaurants and businesses in Italy.

* Neri speaks Italian (mother tongue), French, English, Spanish, and Japanese.
* Neri likes both raw fish and raw meat.
* He defines himself an 'antisocial'.
Supermodel Massimiliano Neri pics
Supermodel Massimiliano Neri pics
By User: anorexicpride
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Supermodel Massimiliano Neri pictures
Supermodel Massimiliano Neri pictures
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Supermodel Massimiliano Neri pictures
Supermodel Massimiliano Neri pictures
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