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Music rock singer, guitarist, keyboardist, and violist Mary Timony picture (pic) and photo gallery, albums cover pictures.
Born: in Washington, D.C., 1970.

Mary Timony biography (bio):
Timony attended the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C., where she played guitar in the jazz band and also studied viola.
In 1990-91 Timony played guitar and shared lead vocals in the Washington, D.C.-based all-female band Autoclave. She later relocated to Boston, where she graduated from Boston University with a degree in English literature and formed the band Helium in the summer of 1992, recording three albums and two EPs with the group between 1994 and 1997. Helium disbanded in 1997 or 1998, whereupon Timony embarked on her solo career, recording albums in 2000 and 2002 (Mountains and The Golden Dove).
In 2005 Timony joined with drummer Devin Ocampo; her 2005 CD Ex Hex, released on the Lookout! Records label, features the two performing together as a duo. In the same year, she contributed vocals to Team Sleep's premier self-titled album on the tracks "Tomb of Liegia" and "King Diamond."
Timony's music is often heavy and dark, frequently using drones, beats, and modal melodies that are reminiscent of European Medieval music. She uses a number of alternate guitar tunings, most prominent of which is DADGAE, which allows for the execution of melodic passages.
She had a cameo role in the movie All Over Me as lead singer/guitarist of the fictional girl rock band Coochie Pop, along with another real-life singer/guitarist, Leisha Hailey. They performed the Helium song "Hole in the Ground" in the movie.
She has recently finished recording another album, The Shapes We Make, which is scheduled to be released on the Kill Rock Stars label on May 8, 2007. A video from one of the album's singles is being produced by the art collective Papparad.
Her brother, Patrick Timony, is the keyboard player for the band The Picture is Dead.

Mary Timony Discography (albums):
* The Shapes We Make 2007.
* Ex Hex 2005.
* The Golden Dove 2002.
* Mountains 2000.
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Mary Timony : p25569zhvt1
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Mary Timony : p16699vir4s
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