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Birth name: Mary Faldermeyer.
Born: July 1, 1958 Rockland County, New York, USA.

Mary Fahl biography (bio):
Fahl first considered being an actress and went to McGill University to study medieval literature. While at McGill, she participated in several musical theatre productions; but, due to her contralto voice, she often lost to sopranos in auditions for singing parts. She and her sister left the United States to spend 1 years in Europe; she said that she received an "informal graduate degree in music" by checking out vinyl records at a library in Holland and listening to and analyzing them.
In the mid-1990s, Fahl became known for her work with October Project. She originally joined the band in 1990 after being introduced to bandmates Emil Adler and Julie Flanders by a mutual friend. The band released two full-length albums on Epic Records October Project (1993) and Falling Farther In (1995) before Epic dropped them from their lineup in 1996. Fahl's explanation for this in 2005 was that the October Project did not have any hits on Falling Farther In. Fahl's experience was that the band broke up the same day that the label dropped them. Members of the original band have since reunited as October Project with Marina Belica as their lead vocalist.

Solo career
After leaving the October Project, she embarked on a solo career, doing solo concerts and commercial voiceovers. As a solo artist, she has done some collaborations and covers; however, she has written most of her own songs. Fahl claims that music in films greatly influences her as a songwriter. She specifically cites the work of Nico, Tom Petty, and Joni Mitchell; and she wants a haunting sound in her work that is "just on the edge of creepiness".
She released an EP, Lenses of Contact, in 2001 for Roughmix Records. Lenses of Contact featured four songs: "Raging Child", "Paolo", "Meant to Say", and "Redemption"; the title of the EP came from a line in "Paolo". Lenses of Contact contained elements of folk music, rock 'n' roll, and pop, was released to favorable reviews. The All-Music Guide gave it a 4 1/2 star rating, out of 5 stars. They compared her to Mitchell and Judy Collins, although noting that she belted more than Mitchell, and concluded, "This promising solo debut demonstrates that Fahl is a very spiritual and moving storyteller in her own right."
Within two years, Fahl had signed with Sony Classical and released her first full-length album as a solo artist. The Other Side of Time had 14 songs in all (three of which were on Lenses of Contact) and featured two songs that would figure prominently on film soundtracks. "Going Home" appeared in the opening of Gods and Generals; the album's closing track, Fahl's version of the traditional Irish tune "The Dawning of the Day", was featured in The Guys, along with several reprises of the song. Fahl wrote her lyrics to "The Dawning of the Day" to honor firefighters who died in the September 11, 2001, attacks. Ronan Tynan performed the song in 2006 at the re-opening dedication for the Seven World Trade Center.
The Other Side of Time showed some additional sides to Fahl's style, bringing in opera styles in "Una Furtiva Lagrima" and Middle Eastern influences in "Ben Aindi Habibi". These two tracks, which Fahl sang in Italian and Mozarabic respectively, were the first non-English language songs to appear on her records. "Ben Aindi Habibi" was a traditional kharja written in the 11th or 12th century. Fahl said in an interview that she had discovered "Ben Aindi Habibi" while on tour with the October Project and considered it her favorite song on The Other Side of Time. In an interview with Liane Hansen of National Public Radio, Fahl stated that she performed these songs on The Other Side of Time because she was signed to a classical label and a pop label would not have let her make that type of record.
Overall, The Other Side of Time met with mixed reviews. Film Score Monthly called her "a brasher, more exciting version of Enya and Sissel" and concluded, "Mary Fahl, thankfully, is not your typical pop singer. Somewhat unwieldy, but always interesting. More filmmakers should pay attention to the vocal talent on display in this CD." The All-Music Guide praised her past work with the October Project and her first solo EP but gave her only 2 out of 5 stars for The Other Side of Time, saying, "She still has the big voice, but she's opting for an easier course of being eclectic by tossing faint nods at different styles while trying to hew firmly to the center of the road.... This just ends up being a bland waste of a mighty talent."
Since the release of The Other Side of Time, Fahl has been acting in a production of Murder Mystery Blues, a comedy which is based on short stories by Woody Allen. Fahl and the other actors also serve as musicians who play the play's score. The play was originally performed at the Warehouse Theater in London and has since moved to an off-Broadway theater in New York.
Fahl has been working on her second solo album since at least 2005. She is planning a song-by-song "re-imagining" of Pink Floyd's classic album The Dark Side of the Moon. Mary Fahl: From the Dark Side of the Moon was produced by Mark Doyle and David Werner and mixed by Bob Clearmountain; Doyle also provided nearly all of the instrumentation. The album's recording is complete as of September 2006; V2 Records will release the album in January 2007.
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