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August 19, 2008 : "Mark Ronson Blasts Noel Gallagher For Criticizing His Guitar Skills"

Mark Ronson has blasted Noel Gallagher.

The Oasis rocker said last week the super-producer should "learn three chords on the guitar and go write a tune," instead of ruining other people's songs.

Now the "Valerie" hitmaker has taken a swipe at Noel joking he is being taught to play guitar by rapper Jay-Z.

The hip-hop star mocked the "Lyla" rocker onstage at Glastonbury following Noel's comments a rap artist should not headline the music event.

Mark wrote on his MySpace page: "I just want Noel to know that I'm actually taking guitar lessons from Jay-Z right now and he's already taught me both chords to 'Wonderwall' (tune!)."

"In fact, it's so much fun having Jay teach me all of Noel's songs on the guitar (hooray!) that I'm thinking of doing an Oasis/Jay Z remix album a la 'The Grey Album.' Potential titles are 'Champagne Superhova' or 'Definitely Jay Z.'"

"P.P.S. Noel, I did write a song called 'Back to Black', which actually has 7 chords in it!"

Mark's DJ sister Samantha Ronson has also leaped to her brother's defense.

Referring to a recent Jay-Z collaboration with Kanye West which makes reference to Oasis in the lyrics, she wrote on her MySpace blog: "'Jocking Jay-Z' - the closest Noel from Oasis has been in years to being on the radio."

"He should stop focusing his energy on dissing people and go back to ripping off Beatles songs. far more productive. Jealousy is really unbecoming."


August 5, 2008: "Mark Ronson Set To Tie The Knot"

Mark Ronson and Daisy Lowe are set to marry. The super-producer and model are said to be besotted with one another and "so in love", despite the 13-year age gap. Mark, 32, has hinted to friends a marriage is on the cards, saying he is "looking to make a big announcement around Christmas time."

Speaking about 19-year-old Daisy, he said: "I have had girlfriends in the past but not like this and she is 'The One.'"

Daisy was equally as gushing about the DJ. According to Britain's New! Magazine, she said: "He is a total lush, my best friend and I can't face life without him."

"You know when you have met 'The One'. well, I have, simple as that."


July 21, 2008: "Mark Ronson Denies Joss Stone Sex Story"

Mark Ronson has hit out at rumours Joss Stone once made sexual advances towards him and apologised to the singer for the false claims.

The acclaimed DJ was said to have turned down a sexual proposition from the soul star because he is "picky", according to reports circulating in British tabloids last week (beg14Jul08).

But, in a new post on his official MySpace blog, Ronson declares he has never actually met Stone.

He writes: "I hate commenting on this bulls**t but there's some story going around saying that I refused the sexual advances of Joss Stone and also said she was some 'boring, bland soul chick' or something.

"Let me set the record straight. I was definitely not referring to Joss Stone in that quote and I've never actually met her.

"I'm sure she's a nice person and she has a lovely voice so I wanted to address this rubbish story and apologise to Ms Stone, who kind of gets enough s**t in the press as it is without being drawn into my tabloid drivel."


July 17, 2008: " Mark Ronson Thinks Samantha And Lindsay Make A Lovely Couple"

Super producer Mark Ronson reportedly approves of his sister Samantha Ronson's relationship with Lindsay Lohan.

Mark's girlfriend Daisy Lowe told The Sun : I met Sam and Lindsay for the first time during the weekend before the Coachella festival. Sam is an amazing girl. The four of us had a brilliant time - a real laugh. indsay is really down to earth. Her and Sam make a lovely couple - they seem really happy.

Lowe continued saying, Their relationship is totally genuine. And theyre just so sweet together.

Meanwhile , Lindsay got a visit from Samantha on set during her last day of filming her new movie Labor Pains. And cameras caught some candid moment of their love- Samantha blowing a kiss to Lindsay!


June 9, 2008: "Mark Ronson Claims He Was Once Tipped By P. Diddy"

Super-producer Mark Ronson once got a $100 tip from P. Diddy. While Mark Ronson has made his name recently through his collaborations with some of the U.K.'s hottest singers including Amy Winehouse, he revealed he lived in New York in the early 90s and worked as a DJ for $50-a-night at various clubs.

It was at one of these hotspots Mark Ronson was spotted by P. Diddy, who liked his music so much he decided to give him his details.

Mark Ronson said: "The first time I met P. Diddy he said, 'I like the way you DJ' and gave me a $100 bill with his number on it."

Mark Ronson admits he was so pleased with the bill that he framed it and put it up on his wall, but he was eventually so desperate for cash he was forced to spend it.

Mark Ronson added: "I saw P. Diddy this year and reminded him of the story - and he gave me another $100 bill!"


Music DJ, music producer, artist and co-founder of Allido Records Mark Ronson picture (pic) and photo gallery, albums and singles covers pictures.
Born: London, England, UK.

NEW Mark Ronson pictures at the 'Sweeney Todd' Premiere - London in Odean Leicester Square!
January 10,2008

Mark Ronson biography (bio):
Mark Ronson is the son of socialite/writer Ann Dexter-Jones and real estate mogul Laurence Ronson. His stepfather is Mick Jones from Foreigner and is also the older brother of singer and DJ Samantha Ronson and clothing designer Charlotte Ronson.
Ronson grew up hanging out with rock stars Paul McCartney, The Bee Gees, Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen (and the rock offspring like Sean Lennon, Wilson Phillips and the Marley children (minus Ziggy)) at his family's Central Park West townhouse. As a teen, Ronson describes himself as "bookish musically". Attending Vassar College and then New York University (NYU), Ronson became a regular at downtown hip-hop spots and made his name as a DJ on the New York club scene in 1993. He was soon one of the most respected DJs and was being called on for celebrities' private parties. Ronson is known for his diverse, genre-spanning selection.
He moved on, however, to producing music. After producing Nikka Costa's "Everybody Got Their Something," Ronson signed a record contract with Elektra Records. His first album Here Comes the Fuzz was released in 2003 and was a critically acclaimed success that featured artists of all genres. The most well known song from the album, "Ooh Wee" samples Sunny by Boney M and features Nate Dogg, Ghostface Killah, and Trife Da God.
Ronson has continued producing records for many of the top artists in the world of music. In 2004, Ronson took the next step and formed his own record label, Allido Records, a subsidiary of Sony BMG's J Records, along with his longtime manager Rich Kleiman.
The first artist he signed to Allido was rapper Rhymefest, most well-known for winning the Grammy for co-writing Kanye West's "Jesus Walks".
He produced multiple songs on the albums of singers Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, and Robbie Williams.

In March 2006, Ronson released a cover of Radiohead's "Just" as a single. In certain areas it gained major radio play. It was released as part of "Exit Music: Songs with Radio Heads", a full Radiohead covers CD, in April. Ronson's second album, Version, due for release in the UK on 16 April 2007, includes other covers of a diverse selection of rock & pop songs including: Kaiser Chiefs' "Oh My God" (featuring guest vocals from Lily Allen), Coldplay's "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face", Britney Spears' "Toxic", and Ryan Adams' "Amy".
Ronson released a cover of classic The Smiths' track "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before" under the title "Stop Me" on 2 April 2007, with the album "Version" due for release 14 days later on 16 April 2007
He is one the faces of DKNY Men's Spring 2006 campaign.
Mark Ronson : DJ-Mark-Ronson-e02
Mark Ronson : DJ-Mark-Ronson-e02
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Mark Ronson : DJ-Mark-Ronson-e01
Mark Ronson : DJ-Mark-Ronson-e01
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Mark Ronson Here Come The Fuzz album cover
Mark Ronson Here Come The Fuzz album cover
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Mark Ronson Version album cover
Mark Ronson Version album cover
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Mark Ronson : Mark Ronson- Sweeney Todd Premiere - London0
Mark Ronson : Mark Ronson-  Sweeney Todd  Premiere - London0
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Mark Ronson : Mark Ronson- Sweeney Todd Premiere - London1
Mark Ronson : Mark Ronson-  Sweeney Todd  Premiere - London1
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Mark Ronson : Mark Ronson- Sweeney Todd Premiere - London3
Mark Ronson : Mark Ronson-  Sweeney Todd  Premiere - London3
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Mark Ronson : Mark Ronson- Sweeney Todd Premiere - London2
Mark Ronson : Mark Ronson-  Sweeney Todd  Premiere - London2
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