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Marina Tsintikidou is a Greek fashion model/presenter, who has appeared on the covers of numerous Greek fashion magazines such MAX. She won the title of Star Hellas in the Miss Star Hellas Pageant in 1992. She also carries the honor of being the third Greek contestant to win the title of Miss Europe (1992). The other three wins being the first time by Aliki Diplarakou in 1930, the controversial win by Katerina Michalopoulou in 1991 and by Isavella Dara in 1997. Marina also represented Greece at the Miss Universe 1992 pageant in Bangkok, Thailand.
Aside from a modeling career Marina also tried her skills in acting, appearing in various TV/movies as well as in the Greek version of the theatrical play Look Who's Here by British play writer Ray Cooney. Sha also been a TV host and presenter on numerous programs featured on Mega Channel, ANT1 and TV Macedonia. She is currently link with Greek actor, Aimilios Xeilakis.
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marina tsintikidou : 2
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