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Actress and producer Marilu Henner pictures and photo gallery.
Birth name: Mary Lucy Denise Pudlowski.
Born: April 6, 1952 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m).
Measurements: 35-24-36.
-Michael Brown (21 December 2006 - present).
-Robert Lieberman (27 June 1990 - 7 June 2001) (divorced) they have two children.
-Frederic Forrest (1980 - 1982) (divorced).

She is commonly known as Marilu Henner, is an American actress and producer. Her mother was of Greek decent and her father was Polish. She is best known for her role as Elaine Nardo in the television series Taxi. She was the leading lady in the 1982 film 'Johnny Dangerously', playing love interest to Michael Keaton. She also appeared in Man on the Moon (1999), a film about her Taxi co-star Andy Kaufman as both herself and as her Taxi character.
From 1990 through 1994 she appeared opposite Burt Reynolds in the TV show Evening Shade, which also starred Ossie Davis and Hal Holbrook. Henner has established many other acting credits, including playing Roxie Hart in a Broadway revival of Chicago and creating the role of "Donna" in Over Here!.
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