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Birth name: Maria Luz Lilet Jodloman.

Marielle Lilet biography (bio):
In the 1980s, she was more popularly known as Lilet.
The youngest of seven children, Lilet showed an interest in singing when she was three years old. She began joining singing contests such as those sponsored by piano manufacturers Trebel and Yamaha. Lilet also joined her older sister's band Music Kinesis.
Not long after, the Coca-Cola Company embarked on a worldwide search to find a child who would sing their new commercial jingle. Lilet's demo tape was sent to an advertising agency who then forwarded it to Coca-Cola. In the end, Lilet was chosen and she was sent to Liverpool, England to shoot the new Coca-Cola commercial. That commercial made Lilet a star.
This led to various projects such as a recording contract with Viva Records and Alpha Records. Lilet also became a TV host in the popular daily teen program That's Entertainment. She also appeared in movies such as Pik pak boom which stars Lea Salonga and Herbert Bautista.
But after enrolling at St. Joseph's College, Lilet found it difficult to juggle her studies with her show biz career. Eventually, she quit the entertainment industry vowing never to sing in public again. After completing her studies, Lilet joined her older sister to live in Japan.
During her stay, Lilet learned the Japanese culture and language. A year and a half later, she returned to the Philippines and re-enrolled at St. Joseph's College where she took a course in Mass Communications. She also worked part-time as a Japanese interpreter at the Hotel Inter-Continental and after graduation, she worked full-time at eTelecare. It was at this time that Lilet decided to make a comeback in show business.
With the help of her talent manager Ronnie Henares, Lilet landed a new recording contract with Ivory Records. Her new album is titled "Marielle"...which is also her new stage name.
Marielle Lilet : marielle lilet
Marielle Lilet : marielle lilet
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