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Birth name: Marie Lan Matiko.

Marie Matiko biography (bio):
Marie Lan Matiko is an Asian-American actress. Born of Filipino, Japanese, and Chinese heritage, she is known for her starring roles as Julia in The Art of War and as Betty in the 2006 film Date Movie.

Early Life:
Matiko endured a stern cultural upbringing, which ultimately fostered discipline and an inherent passion for the arts, where she could freely express herself. When I was in grade school, I wanted to become a concert pianist, Matiko said, who began playing piano at just four years of age.I had always been taught to stifle my emotions, so if something upset me, I would go into my room and play an angry concerto. As a straight A student, Matiko attended UCLA where she majored in environmental engineering to the delight of her parents.
Matiko was an Environmental Engineering major at UCLA. While still in college, she auditioned for the first national tour of Miss Saigon,and suddenly her career path took a sharp detour. She declined an ROTC scholarship when she was picked by producer Cameron Macintosh at her first professional audition and won the role of "Gigi/Mimi" in the First National tour of Miss Saigon. Landing the roles of Mimi/Gigi, Matiko set out to travel the country. While on the road, she continued taking academic classes at community colleges, in addition to acting, singing and dancing courses. From the Berkeley College of Music in Boston to the Cleveland Institute of Music, she sought out the best instructions in virtually every city. After leaving Miss Saigon, Matiko returned to Los Angeles where she embarked on a rigorous regimen of acting lessons. 'I feel I've been training like an Olympic athlete,' Matiko said.

Film & Television:
Marie Lan Matiko has starred opposite leading men Craig T. Nelson, Tom Sizemore, Wesley Snipes, Mark Wahlberg, Patrick Warburton and Chow Yun-Fat. For her performance in THE ART OF WAR, she garnered the nomination for Best Actress in a Feature Film at the 2001 AX Awards (the Asian-American Film and TV awards). As a testament to her timeless refreshing presence, Marie Lan Matiko was one of the AX Awards Top 20 Newcomers in 2006.

In New Line Cinema's THE CORRUPTOR ($20 M) produced by Oliver Stone, Marie Lan Matiko debuted on film as the love interest of the legendary Chow Yun-Fat. Challenging acting work from the start, she won the role of May, a heroine-addict and indentured servant trapped by NY Chinatown’s Triads. Under the fine direction of James Foley (Glengarry Glen Ross), Chow Yun-Fat and Mark Wahlberg share textured scenework alongside Marie Lan Matiko.

The next year, after five intense auditions amongst world-class talent and with the recommendation from Oliver Stone, Marie Lan Matiko won the role of Julia starring opposite Wesley Snipes in Warner Brothers’ THE ART OF WAR ($60 M). THE ART OF WAR was nominated for nine Genie Awards and won the Golden Eagle Award for highest-ever grossing Canadian film.

In Fox's 2007 release DATE MOVIE, from the writers of SCARY MOVIE, Marie Lan Matiko made a notable comedic debut alongside comedy greats, Fred Willard and Jennifer Coolidge (of the Christopher Guest ensemble). As "Betty Lan Orchid", her swinging "Japanese-Jewish hoochie mama" character threw the zany comedy into uncharted dimensions.

Set to release in theatres this September, Marie Lan Matiko stars as a sexy saint who saves the soul of Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld, The Tick, Bee Movie, Rules of Engagement) in THE CIVILIZATION OF MAXWELL BRIGHT (8 independent film awards including 3 Grand Jury Prizes), sharing the screen alongside legends Eric Roberts, Carol Kane, Simon Callow, and John Glover.

In the November 2007 release of Warner Brothers’ DENNIS THE MENACE CHRISTMAS, Marie Lan Matiko plays alongside Robert Wagner and Louise Fletcher as Mrs. Walsh-Mellman, Dennis’s cheeky grade school teacher. Marie Lan Matiko also voices the group therapist of Dennis’s frustrated parents in this light holiday tale.
Marie Lan Matiko starred in GANG OF ROSES and sang on the soundtrack with Lil' Kim, Bobby Brown, Macy Gray and Praz (The Fugees). Additional film and television credits include Universal’s MYSTERY MEN, TBS’s COUNTERSTRIKE, CBS’s THE DISTRICT, and Michael Mann's ROBBERY HOMICIDE DIVISION. Marie Lan Matiko voiced Gong Li's parts in Michael Mann’s MIAMI VICE and voiced opposite Lucy Liu and Patrick Warburton in the Carsey-Werner Production, UPN's GAME OVER in television’s 1st full-length CGI cartoon. Her children's film, THE FORBIDDEN WARRIOR, wherein Marie Lan Matiko plays Seki, the forbidden warrior, has been receiving praise from kids across the country. Her greatest giggle to date comes from her characters' collectible XENA: THE WARRIOR PRINCESS trading cards, where she played twin sisters K'ao Hsin and Pao S'su on the popular fantasy television series.

Et Cetera:
STUDIO BONHEUR "Bonheur" means "Good Hour" and "Happiness" in French and reflects the vision Marie Lan Matiko maintains for her professional actor’s studio and ensemble in Hollywood, CA. Marie Lan Matiko’s acting teacher and artistic mentor, Silvana Gallardo, taught her to ‘get out of her head', to work with the spirit and to seek the truth. A comprehensively unique and original method that works with the light, Ms. Gallardo’s protégées have risen to international acclaim: Peta Wilson (La Femme Nikita), Kristina Lokken (Terminator 3) and the iconic Angelina Jolie. When her mentor fell ill and needed to leave Los Angeles, the honor fell to Marie Lan Matiko to carry on her teachings. With Ms. Gallardo’s blessing, Marie Lan Matiko is the only teacher of this technique which lives on at Studio Bonheur.

CREATIVE THINK TANK Dedicated to something fantastic, Marie Lan Matiko runs her own production company and philanthropy, Creative Think Tank, where she is co-chief strategist and artistic director. While art is the healer of the human spirit, medicine is the healer of the human body and with her partner, Michael Masterman-Smith, UCLA cancer researcher and biotechnologist, she is currently working with UCLA’s Global Neuro Rescue and pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Jorge Lazereff to grow medical relief programs for orphaned children worldwide.

VIVACE CONSERVATORY Marie Lan Matiko founded and ran the non-profit, Vivace Conservatory, with co-founder Ariel Felix. Vivace, a musical term meaning “full of life”, is a successful non-profit performing arts school located in Los Angeles’ Chinatown. Nurturing pride, self-discipline and passion in disadvantaged inner-city youth and minorities, her torch has already been passed and some of her students have been cast in national tours, international films and TV including “Melissa R” from THE NEW PUSSYCAT DOLL.

THE ART OF LAW Marie Lan Matiko coaches performance technique for the University of Santa Clara School of Law moot court teams alongside former director of THE HARVARD CIVIL RIGHTS PROJECT and law professor. Angelo Ancheta. In her first year of coaching, her teams placed nationally 2nd and 3rd in their arguments against all of the powerhouses of the Ivy League.

LA FEMME DE PURE FUN Marie Lan Matiko is on the board of advisors and spokesperson for Pure Fun confections, makers of Pure Fun organic, pareve, and kosher gourmet candies—she is the PURE FUN girl!
K’POW! Marie Lan Matiko presented at Harvard University for the Asian American National Conference on Law and Public Policy addressing how media shapes public perception and policy. After meeting with top policy leaders and strategists, she was inspired to carry her mission forward by producing a children’s TV series K’POW!, a hip-hop multi-cultural Mickey Mouse Club.
Marie Lan Matiko also sits on the board of advisors for the San Diego Asian American Film Festival, Arnold Laboratories and has been invited to present at UCI, UCLA, NY, SIFF and SD film festivals, the National Association of Asian Professionals, as well as a number of universities in Asia.
In her fun time, Marie Lan Matiko explores and adventures living through extreme sports, skateboarding and snowboarding "killer terrain", scuba diving, making music, mastering new languages (she’s on her fifth), playing in the lab with scientists or is in the studio creating prototypes with designers, inventors and wizards.
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